Happy 710 Day: Top 10 Cannabis Oil Products

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Even if you’re just canna-curious, there’s a good chance that you recognize 420 when it’s brought up. Without a doubt, 420 is the most popular cannabis holiday, as the term has been around since 1971 and is synonymous with cannabis culture. However, 710 Day is quickly becoming another cannabis holiday to look forward to. It may not be as big as 420, but 710 Day is rising in popularity, especially with many people adding dabs and resins to their digital carts. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best 710 Day cannabis products to help you celebrate the rising cannabis holiday.  

What is 710 Day? 

Let’s pump our breaks for a minute and take a look at the mysterious origins of 710 Day. The cannabis holiday is meant to be celebrated by consuming cannabis oil products, concentrates, or dabs. Flip 710 upside down and it spells OIL. Not to mention, the holiday is celebrated on July 10.  

Although the term appeared a decade ago, its origins are a mystery. Some say the 710 term was found on Urban Dictionary back in 2010, however, it wasn’t connected to cannabis oil until the following year. Others believe the 710 term was created by TaskRok of Highly Educated. TaskRok mentioned in an interview with Leaf Online that he came up with it in chat with Healthstone and Beehive Oil Clothing. Although the term first appeared in 2010, the cannabis community first celebrated 710 officially in July 2013 with The 710 Cup.  

CLSICS Melon Ringz 

The CLSICS Melon Ringz is a versatile cannabis rosin product. Rosin is an extraction process that consists of heat and pressure to compress out resinous sap from the starting material almost instantly. It’s made from cannabis flower, kief, or hash, and is produced as a full-melt hash oil. CLSICS rosin is made in-house using fresh frozen ice water hash from procured strains with exceptional terpene profiles for a high-end dabbing session for 710 Day.  

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Cresco Red Line Haze Live Budder 

Combining award-winning genetics with a favorite, Red Line Haze brings cannabis lovers a unique flavor to celebrate 710 Day. You’ll get a comforting Sativa high that will energize you for one of the industry’s most popular cannabis holidays. With sugary and sweet berry notes you’ll taste immediately, this is one of the best cannabis products in all forms of the strain. Red Line Haze Live Budder contains 2.44% THC, 71.55% THCA, and 0.12% CBD.   

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Effex Pineapple Express Delta 8 THC Pearls 

Effex beats the competition by souring top-tier Delta 8 Distillate, as well as taking the cleanest terpenes. If you’re considering Pineapple Express Delta 8 THC Pearls for 710 Day, you’re on the right path for a relaxing cannabis holiday celebration. Pineapple Express Delta 8 THC Pearls will likely hit quickly and give you a powerful head rush and mellow vibes. Not to mention, all Effex’s Delta 8 products are lab tested, so you know you’re investing in the best quality.  

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Eyce Spark 

The Eyce Spark is a top-tier glass rig protected by a reliable silicone ProTeck sleeve. It’s packing a battery-powered white LED light, flower bowl, concentrate bucket, tool holders, steel poker, and discreet storage. If you want to spark up your 710 Day with more color, the rig comes with an LED expansion pack, including five LED lights: purple, white, green, red, and a disco strobing light.    

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Humboldt Farms Blueberry Frosting Live Resin 

Humboldt Farms has perfected the art of creating premium live resin. Their delicious Blueberry Frosting Live Resin is made following a process that ensures quality. The cannabis is frozen right after harvest to preserves cannabinoids, and their dark packaging protects the product from erosion. If you’re looking for a reliable live resin with unrivaled flavors, the Humboldt Farms Blueberry Frosting Live Resin will deliver on 710 Day.   

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Ispire The Wand 

The sleek Ispire Wand is the first-ever eNail to utilize induction heating, giving you full control to choose the temperature you need for the ideal dabbing experience. The Wand is made with borosilicate glass bangers, taking away the need for a torch. The battery-operated dabbing gear features viscosity ranges, temperature setting, safety features, and more. Once you use The Wand, it will rise to the top of your list of dabbing devices. Create the perfect hit and dab without fire for 710 Day.   

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Jetty Extracts Solventless Banana Crème Vape Cartridge  

Created without the use of solvents or chemicals, Jetty Extract’s Solventless Vape is the purest one you can get your hands on for 710 Day. It has a special ice water extract, which is created using ice, water, heat, and pressure. Also, it has an additional purification step to boost potency and provide consistent flavor from your first hit to your last. And it won first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup Social for People’s Choice of 2020.  

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Penguin Cookies & Cream CBD Oil 

Made with Oregon-grown hemp, Penguin’s CBD oil is perfect for unwinding during the 710 holiday. Every batch is created from a refined broad-spectrum extract free from THC if you’re looking for a mellow, relaxed feeling. We favor the Cookies & Cream flavor, but Penguin CBD Oil is also available in other flavors, including mint, citrus, and strawberry. Not to mention, it comes in varying strengths from 250mg to 5,000mg.   

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Raw Garden Refined Live Resin 

Produced from cannabis flower, which is created via organic-based and Clean Green-certified farming methods, Raw Garden’s Refined Live Resin is a top-shelf product. Their cannabis flower is cryogenically flash-frozen at harvest, preserving extraordinary cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Enjoy the quintessential dabbing experience on 710 Day, thanks to Raw Garden Refined Live Resin’s incredible terpenes and THCa crystallines. Also, there are no additives, artificial flavors, or fillers, making this a Budtender favorite.   

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Urb Delta 8 THC 1+ Gram Disposable Vape 

The Urb Disposable Vape is a custom device with a 420mA battery. It boasts a retrofitted and tested airflow, allowing for superior temperature and flavor profiles. Also, the vape is designed not to clog. The Urb Disposable Vape line has super strains and formulas that boost Sativas with Delta 8 and Delta 10, Indicas with Delta 8 and CBN, and more. There’s a variety of flavors to choose from, including Ekto Kooler, Maui Wowie, Pink Cookies, Sour Dream, and Orange Creamsicle. You’ll have a happy 710 Day with this in hand! 

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Willie's Reserve Live Resin Catridge

Willie’s Reserve Live Resin Vape Cartridge

Willie’s Reserve has Live Resin Cartridges that provide you with the experience of distinct, fresh cannabis. They flash freeze the cannabis at the time of harvest to help preserve the natural flavors of each strain. Also, there are no fillers, no cutting agents, or any other flavorings. The vape experience is pure and original.

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Hopefully, you’ve found something on our list that will help you celebrate. Our cannabis staffing team wishes you an amazing 710 Day!

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