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6 Benefits of Using a Cannabis Staffing Firm

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When it comes to building a cannabis team to lead your company to reach greater heights in the thriving cannabis industry, you’ll need the right players. It’s especially important to assemble the right cannabis leaders for your organization. After all, your cannabis staff is the heart of your company. You may think it’s a manageable task to do on your own, but it’s quite a time-consuming, challenging process. There are many benefits to using a cannabis staffing firm to help you along the way.

A cannabis staffing firm makes sense for a company of any size. Cannabis staffing experts know how to hire the right talent in a short time frame, helping you build a team with incredible chemistry. It’s not just about finding the most talented candidates; it’s also about finding the right fit for your brand’s beliefs and values. And, yes, there are fees associated with using a cannabis staffing firm, but it can be more cost-efficient to use one. Whether you need cannabis executive search services, direct hire employees, or temp talent, a cannabis staffing firm can help. Let’s review the benefits of using a cannabis staffing firm. Then, you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth it. 

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1. Save Time & Money Using a Cannabis Staffing Firm

As mentioned, there are fees when using a cannabis staffing firm. However, you’ll be saving money in the long run. According to Toggl Tracker, the average cost to hire a new employee is $4,129. So, if you happen to hire a candidate that doesn’t fit in well, you’ll be losing money when you start the process all over again. Additionally, it takes an average of 52 days to hire a new employee in the United States. With the help of a cannabis staffing firm, you’ll find the right candidate(s) in a quicker time frame. Recruiting specialists devote their workday to finding staffing solutions, which means they’ll move faster without burning out. And, you’ll save money on overhead cost and overtime pay training a less-than-stellar employee. Hiring quality candidates, whether you need temporary talent, full-time employees, or cannabis executives, is easier with experts. 

2. Reduce Hiring Risks

The cannabis industry continues to grow steadily, and there’s a tremendous amount of people searching for cannabis jobs. In fact, the cannabis industry is attracting people across all other industries. However, it can be quite a monumental task sifting through all the talent, trying to find a cannabis candidate with the right skills, experience, and culture fit for your company. By using a dedicated cannabis staffing firm, you’ll gain access to pre-screened candidates who have the abilities, experience, and culture fit you prefer. That can be difficult for hiring managers who do not have the resources or skills that cannabis staffing firms do, which may lead to poor hiring decisions. According to CareerBuilder, 37% of hiring managers claimed they have a hard time filling positions. With the challenge in hiring the right talent, hiring managers feel overwhelmed, leading to higher risk of employing an inadequate candidate. 

3. Access to Bigger Networks

By using a cannabis staffing firm, you’ll discover talent your team couldn’t find on its own. There are mass amounts of people on the hunt for cannabis jobs, but not all of them are right for you. A cannabis staffing firm has a broad network of cannabis candidates and connections you can tap into. Whatever cannabis industry staffing solutions you need, a cannabis staffing firm will have a big pool of cannabis candidates to choose from. Additionally, they have a deeper reach into the community of passive candidates. There could be someone out there outside of the industry that’s ideal for your company. Not to mention, cannabis staffing firms keep thousands of resumes on file. So, they will more than likely find a candidate closer to the right fit for your company than you could with limited resources. 

4. Long-Term Relationship With Recruiters

You never know when you’ll need to expand your cannabis team or replace someone who’s left. So, it’s a smart idea to use a cannabis staffing firm to build long-term relationships with cannabis industry recruiters. Not only will they help you find the right talent, but they will also advise you on staffing strategies for the inevitable roller coaster ride that any cannabis business will face. Connecting with the right cannabis staffing firm will help you gain a long-term partner for recruiting and hiring that understands your company and culture. Whether you’re looking for cannabis executive search services, direct hires, or temps, the right cannabis staffing team will always be there to assist you. 

5. Access to Temp Employees & Consultants

An ideal cannabis staffing firm will provide the option of temporary employees. As the cannabis industry grows, temp employees are becoming more common. They are more affordable options when cannabis companies need extra help during the busy season. You can also use a temp contract to feel out an employee before you decide to hire them full time. You also get to determine how long a temporary employee is on board with flexible contracts–so they can be part of the team for a few days to cover someone out sick or even several months or more. Not to mention, the cannabis staffing firm will handle the onboarding process, saving you precious time. You can also hire consultants through cannabis staffing firms if you need access to new skills or assistance in a certain area of your organization. 

6. Insider Expertise 

By using a cannabis staffing firm, you’ll gain the knowledge of cannabis insiders. Cannabis recruiters keep their finger on the pulse of the industry and keep healthy connections with all potential cannabis candidates. Their industry knowledge and connections make the process of finding the right candidate to fill a role much easier. Typically, a candidate chosen by a seasoned cannabis recruiter will do the job more efficiently and will be a better fit. Cannabis recruiters know who’s looking for new opportunities within the industry, moving to different locations, wanting to transition to a different sector within the space, and so on. If someone is leaving a cannabis company, cannabis recruiters will hear about it first. Additionally, recruiters are in contact with people who are not seeking cannabis jobs but may still be a good fit. 

If you’re looking for cannabis executive search, direct hire, or temp talent services, we can help. Please reach out to us at, so we can learn about your staffing needs and discuss solutions that cater to your company goals. And if you’re looking for cannabis jobs, please visit our job board.

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