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MJBizCon Recap: Back at the Biggest Cannabis Industry Event

CannabizTeam at MJBizCon cannabis convention in Last Vegas

Before this year, the last time MJBizCon was an in-person event was 2019–which seems so long ago. So much has changed since then except for the fact that MJBizCon is the best of the best when it comes to cannabis events. Our team had an unforgettable time at the event this year, to say the least. We miss MJBizCon already as we reminisce about our short but extraordinary week at the convention. 

CannabizTeam at MJBizCon
CannabizTeam at MJBizCon 2021


CannabizTeam True North Collective Team
True North Collective Team

Cannabis Staffing Perspective

Our cannabis staffing team met so many incredible, talented cannabis professionals last week. Not to mention, we were able to spend the week together with our team members from across the country. We are truly thankful to have met so many people that are passionate about the ever-evolving cannabis industry. We ran into many employers searching for talent in the space–as the industry grows, hiring passionate, driven individuals with the ability to adapt and take on various challenges in the industry is crucial. Everyone’s searching for the right talent to assemble a staff that will take their companies to the next level. Our team also had time to chat with some of the many multi-state operators we are working with at the event. The industry is starting to consider the possibilities of expanding their businesses with the help of international talent. 


MJBizCon Exhibitor Floor in LA
Las Vegas Convention Center – MJBizCon Exhibitor Floor


New Cannabis Products and Tech Team
Planet 13 Dispensary

New Cannabis Products and Tech

We were surrounded by the latest and greatest in the cannabis industry. Although we couldn’t swing by and take a peek at every booth and presentation, we did take a look at some intriguing new products. From the containers from Calyx Containers made from premium German glass and specially designed to be ecologically responsible to Fluence by OSRAM’s variety of energy-efficient lighting solutions, the industry continues to evolve. Walking around the Las Vegas Convention Center exhibitor floor was an uplifting experience and a cannabis lover’s dream. Of course, we also stopped by the world’s largest dispensary while we were in town: Planet 13. 

Cannabis Sip Elixirs
Sip Elixirs


CannabizTeam Curaleaf Afterparty
Curaleaf Afterparty

Cannabis Executives, Leaders, and Celebrations at MJBizCon

There were many inspirational guest speakers at MJBizCon, including Daymond John, co-star of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. Last Friday, Daymond delivered a lyrical rap presentation, presenting his top five pieces of advice for entrepreneurs:

S, set your goal. You can’t hit a target you can’t see.” 

H, you gotta do your homework. The only thing that costs more than an education is ignorance.”

A, amore. Love what you do, but love that damn family more than anything else. So many of us are on our second careers and second families because we made everything else a priority.”

R, remember you’re the brand. Put yourself in two to five words. You have employees? Ask them what their two to five words are. You might find that they’re passionate about something else you’re passionate about.”

K, keep swimming. Simple as that.”

MJBizCon had many other incredible leaders take the stage, including Lisa Buffo, founder and CEO of the Cannabis Marketing Association. Buffo discussed how cannabis companies may enhance their brand while personalizing experiences, leading to customer loyalty. Additionally, there were plenty of famous faces in the crowd, such as rapper Redman. We also had the opportunity to attend some amazing afterparties, including ones hosted by Curaleaf and Hawthorne. From the ambiance to the music to the people, the afterparties in Vegas for MJBizCon were unlike any other. 

We’re happy that MJBizCon is back as an in-person cannabis industry event! We miss it already and are eagerly waiting to hop on a flight for next year’s event. 

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