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The Cannabis User Lifestyle and Shopping Habits

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Thanks to the war on drugs and the stereotype of the stoner birthed by the media, cannabis users gained an undeserved reputation for being lazy individuals. However, that is not the case whatsoever. Researchers from the University of Cambridge concluded there is no difference in apathy and anhedonia–loss of interest in rewards—between cannabis users and non-users. So, what does the cannabis user look like? Of course, there isn’t one catch-all profile to create for a cannabis user, but we can delve into some solid commonalities seen across the board right now.  

If you are running a dispensary or cannabis business, knowing your customers is crucial. To help you out, we’ve put together an overview of the average cannabis user. We have gathered information about the behavior and shopping habits of marijuana users so you can refine your cannabis business strategy. 

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Why Do People Consume Cannabis? 

People have different reasons for consuming cannabis, and each product brings diverse experiences. Overall, most people consume cannabis to relax, relieve pain, recover, spark creativity, or even gain a boost of energy. According to a recent report, 22% of consumers use marijuana products to relax and 19% use them to improve their sleep. Even professional athletes use cannabis regularly for various reasons, including treating muscle spasms, reducing inflammation, and improving their mental health. Former NBA player Kenyon Martin stated that 85% of NBA players consume cannabis.  

Although there isn’t one definitive answer to this question, relaxation and recovery seem to be at least part of the answer for many people. Focusing on the main benefits and adding more specific ones to your marketing plan for a particular product may help you target specific audiences that are more likely to make a purchase. For example, a report stated that 7% use cannabis to enhance intimacy. Creating a cannabis product centered around improving intimacy can attract a specific audience or would be beneficial for Valentine’s Day. As experts create more cannabis strains and products, the reasons as to why people use it may grow. 

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Goals of Using Cannabis  

There are many uses for cannabis, as well as goals to achieve by using it. A study shows that the most popular goal for using cannabis is to relax/refresh (29%). Right behind that is the goal of relieving stress (22%). The next three goals for cannabis use are improving sleep, easing pain, and enjoying social events. Touching upon these top 5 goals for using cannabis in your business strategy or marketing campaigns is essential. On the other end of the study is using cannabis with the goal of replacing other substances (1.3%). While this is dead last, note that with the rise in popularity of cannabis drinks, this goal may increase. A Gallup poll recently showed that, for the first time ever, Americans are smoking more marijuana than tobacco. Will cannabis be the go-to replacement for some of the harmful vices out there? Watching the goals will help you find out. Every cannabis dispensary can benefit from tracking the goals of using cannabis, which can greatly help marketing efforts.  

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Where Do Cannabis User Sessions Take Place? 

It’s no surprise that most people consume cannabis at home. A study by Jointly and New Frontier Data shows that 79% of sessions happen at home, with 64% occurring inside the house. The reasons for consumption at home vary from easing pain to socializing. Consuming cannabis at home is the perfect location for most people since you can relax, focus on a project, watch movies, listen to music, and so on. However, there are some other notable consumption locations: work and nature. Some people microdose cannabis at work to treat medical conditions, like Crohn’s disease, and others use marijuana at work for a boost in energy or focus. A cannabis user lighting up a joint or taking an edible in nature may do so to enhance their connection with the great outdoors. For your cannabis business strategy, note where cannabis users are consuming cannabis to shape campaigns to address popular locations.   

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Cannabis User Shopping Influences  

Millennials—America’s largest generation with 72.19 million people–believe the effect of cannabis is its biggest selling point. In fact, Gen Z, Gen X, and Boomers agree with them. Additionally, Millennials choose cannabis products based on their potency when they go to a cannabis dispensary. The next two factors that help them decide are the effect of the product followed by the price.  

The average cannabis user knows that THC can stimulate the sector of your brain that responds to pressure, releasing dopamine, which is a chemical that gives you a euphoric feeling. However, focusing on what your product can do specifically and how it can do it better than anyone else in the cannabis space will give you an edge. For example, a cannabis drinks brand can highlight that its product gives you a buzz in less than 10 minutes and lasts longer than the competition while ditching the hangover.  

Strain name also plays a significant factor in buying decisions for Millennials. Creating a unique, memorable name that resonates with your target audience is a big plus. The more unique the product name, the better chance it has of entering someone’s long-term memory in an easily retrievable way. 

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Popular Cannabis Products 

Although several new, innovative cannabis products are taking up real estate on shelves, including cannabis drinks, flower is still the reigning champion. According to a report, flower is the most used cannabis product type. It is the winning option in 60% of cannabis consumption sessions, followed by vapes and dabs. Together, flower, vapes, and dabs make up 92% of consumption sessions. Inhaling cannabis has the most immediate effects, which may be the main reason most cannabis users choose flower. However, as the market for legal cannabis grows, experts predict cannabis drinks will make a dent. The cannabis research agency Brightfield Group predict that cannabis drinks will rake in $1 billion by 2025 in the United States. It’s a healthy alternative to alcohol and takes away the hangover aspect, making it a promising product in the cannabis industry.

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Consuming Cannabis with Purpose 

Breaking the stigma created by the war on drugs, more and more people are now realizing the benefits of cannabis. Not only that, but the cannabis user is now more aware of purposeful consumption. The uses for cannabis continue to expand, strengthening purposeful consumption. Marijuana now has many purposes and is used to achieve a variety of goals, especially for health and wellness. Aside from medical use, cannabis is used for spiritual well-being, mental health, and even workouts. The cannabis user now knows that the popular plant may help with creative or divergent thinking, boost verbal fluency, decrease self-consciousness, and improve empathy. Of course, results will vary depending how your body and mind react to certain strains. Although it hasn’t left the party scene, cannabis has definitely extended past it. Expect the concept of purposeful consumption to expand and grow in the cannabis industry.  

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