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Navigating Cannabis Layoffs: Best Steps for Moving Forward with Your Career

how to navigate cannabis layoffs

Our jobs are a part of how we define ourselves. So, it doesn’t matter how it happens—even if you’re provided a compassionate explanation about the necessity of the action—layoffs sting. Cannabis industry layoffs can be particularly brutal since the space has so much potential. And you’re probably passionate about cannabis and the peace and diversity is represents.

what to do after a cannabis layoff infographic

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We want you to know that we’re here to help. One of the ways we want to provide support is through this cannabis layoffs guide. Looking for the right steps on what to do after a layoff in the cannabis industry? Let’s jump into the best practices that will help you write the next chapter in your cannabis career 

finding peace after a cannabis layoff

Take Some Time to Find Peace with the Situation 

Cannabis layoffs can be jarring. However, being laid off is not a reflection of your skills or work ethic. Often, it is due to a rocky economy, unforeseen challenges, or poor business planning. You are dealing with a challenging situation, but you will get through it and find greener pastures. Before you dive into starting your job search, take some time to find peace with the layoff.  

Focus on your mental health and well-being. By composing yourself first, you will approach the job search process with more confidence and resilience. What’s your thing? You can meditate, write in a journal, cook, do yoga, listen to uplifting podcasts—anything that will help you see that your next chapter will be better than the one you finished. If you’re stuck in negative self-talk, request LinkedIn recommendations from past managers/supervisors or co-workers. Not only will you improve your LinkedIn profile, you’ll also see you are of tremendous worth in the cannabis industry. Finding peace with the layoff situation will help you gain confidence.  

list of accomplishments

Create a List of Accomplishments and Recognition  

Before you leave, try to gather as much data that shows your success in your previous role. Hiring managers and recruiters tend to look for quantifiable success on a cannabis resume.  Look at reports, performance reviews, impactful projects, etc. that can help you build your personal brand. And when you start your next cannabis career, start a “bragging rights” file to save key achievements.  

What did you contribute to the cannabis business? How did you change it for the better? Why did your manager promote you? What reputation did you build for yourself at work? The answers to these questions will improve your LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter, and interview answers. If you do not have access to your email or accounts that have this information, don’t worry. Request information from your previous coworkers or managers. You can also look at public information—like social media feeds–about the cannabis business and analyze your contribution.  

sharing cannabis layoff on LinkedIn

Share Your Cannabis Layoff on LinkedIn 

Posting about cannabis layoffs on LinkedIn is a smart move. However, you do have to give your network a chance to engage with your post. Create a post about your cannabis layoff that encourages people to share your post and tag people who may know about new opportunities. This will increase your chances of getting direct messages from senior-level workers in cannabis to either connect or apply for a cannabis job. All you need is 15 minutes to post about your cannabis layoff, which can lead to multiple opportunities for a smoother transition. So, what do you need to do in your cannabis layoff post?  

  • Highlight your accomplishments in your previous position  
  • Tag any connections at businesses you want to work for   
  • Use the hashtag #opentowork and a hashtag for the job title you’re interested in   
  • Clearly and concisely describe what unique skills and experience you bring to the table  

And remember, it’s okay to touch upon how devastated or shocked you are. You’re only human. However, remind viewers that you remain hopeful and excited for the next chapter of your career. By creating an effective cannabis layoff LinkedIn post, you’ll boost your potential to receive direct offers, opportunities, and introductions.   

identify keywords for cannabis jobs

Find Cannabis Jobs That Interest You and Identify Keywords  

Start looking at cannabis jobs and save the ones that interest you. There are plenty of opportunities on LinkedIn, Indeed, and our cannabis job board. By gathering the jobs that align with what you want to do, you’ll start seeing what sector and position you prefer. Then, you can pull keywords from those job descriptions. You can copy/paste the descriptions, read through them, and highlight the recurring keywords. Or you can use a keyword density tool 

Beyond keywords, you want to check for themes you see across similar opportunities. Then you want to write down the keywords and themes for each role. From there, you can craft resumes and cover letters tailored for each position you’re targeting. Of course, you also have to edit them further for each job description. But this will give you a solid base for each role. Keep your keywords and theme focused for each cannabis job you apply for. 

update cannabis resume

Update Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile  

Now that you have your keywords and themes, you can include them in your resume and LinkedIn profile. Use keywords naturally. Do not overstuff your resume and LinkedIn profile with them. Also, you can use your keywords as hashtags on LinkedIn if you switch to creator mode. Make sure to focus on a few keywords that align with the cannabis job you are pursuing. To find the number of followers for each keyword on LinkedIn, download the hashtags analytics tool for Google Chrome.  

Recruiters and hiring managers are looking for quantifiable success. So, update your resume and LinkedIn profile with proof of your contribution to past companies. It can be a success that is directly credited to you. For example, you may have increased sales by 25% for the holidays thanks to a popular email campaign you executed. Or it can be a success from a team effort you were a part of. Are you struggling to find quantifiable success for your cannabis resume? No problem. You can use anecdotal evidence by way of testimonials. Also, you can use leadership accomplishments and lean on team successes as examples. You can use ranges if you can’t get concrete data. And you can calculate the speed at which you got a routine task done. For example, a sales associate may have executed 30 sales calls per day.   

reach to recruiters

Reach Out to Cannabis Recruiters 

Cannabis layoffs are less jarring with the help of recruiters. Cannabis recruiters help many people deal with being laid off at work by assisting them in finding their next position. You can reach out to them through LinkedIn messaging if you feel you are a good fit for an open position. For some LinkedIn jobs, there may be a designated recruiter to reach out to.  

What are the benefits of reaching out to a cannabis recruiter? They have plenty of connections and a deep network. You could find out about job openings from them that are a better fit or aren’t posted publicly. Also, they have their finger on the pulse of the industry. If a cannabis business is hiring, they may know about it before the job description gets posted. They could also be working directly with the company that is hiring. Cannabis recruiters can also help you prepare for interviews, refine your resume, and speed up the job search process. Contact one of our cannabis recruiters today if you need support looking for a job in the industry.   

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