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budtender helping customer at a cannabis dispensary kiosk

5 Tips to Become a Better Budtender

With the legalization of adult-use cannabis in 19 states and DC, the role of a budtender has become more critical than ever. Cannabis dispensaries are now looking for employees who

woman asking supervisor to be her cannabis job reference on phone

How to Pick the Best Cannabis Job References

When you are nearing the end of your cannabis job interview process, and things are looking good, the hiring manager will mostly likely do a few things. First, they’ll ask

top budtender interview questions

Top 15 Budtender Interview Questions

One of the best entry-level cannabis jobs is the budtender position. Taking inspiration from the bartender role, a budtender is a customer liaison with deep knowledge of all cannabis products

how to get a budtender job

Cannabis Jobs: How to Get Hired as a Budtender

Eventually, the term “bud” will spark the image of cannabis over beer for mainstream audiences. As the cannabis industry grows, many people are looking for cannabis jobs. One of the

transferable skills for cannabis jobs

Top 6 Transferable Skills for Cannabis Jobs

The cannabis industry has become a big catalyst for job creation. However, if you do not have any direct experience with marijuana—other than using it—cannabis jobs may seem unattainable. The

video interview tips for cannabis jobs

Top 7 Cannabis Job Video Interview Tips

Video interviews for cannabis jobs and opportunities in other industries have become a part of the status quo. According to Robert Half, 49% of companies overall are holding video interviews. They’re convenient, they

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2023 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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