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how to get a budtender job

Cannabis Jobs: How to Get Hired as a Budtender

Eventually, the term “bud” will spark the image of cannabis over beer for mainstream audiences. As the cannabis industry grows, many people are looking for cannabis jobs. One of the

transferable skills for cannabis jobs

Top 6 Transferable Skills for Cannabis Jobs

The cannabis industry has become a big catalyst for job creation. However, if you do not have any direct experience with marijuana—other than using it—cannabis jobs may seem unattainable. The

video interview tips for cannabis jobs

Top 7 Cannabis Job Video Interview Tips

Video interviews for cannabis jobs and opportunities in other industries have become a part of the status quo. According to Robert Half, 49% of companies overall are holding video interviews. They’re convenient, they

10 High-Paying Cannabis Jobs in the Industry

Cannabis has come a long way from the days where homemade edibles had to be made with blinds drawn. Today, with adult-use and/or medical cannabis legal in over half the

Cannabis Trimmer Spotlight: How to Trim Cannabis

One of the most popular entry-level cannabis jobs is that of the trimmer. It’s a job with many names, including manicuring technician and cultivation technician. Whatever the position is titled,

how to get a job at a cannabis dispensary

How to Get a Job at a Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis dispensaries are like elaborate candy shops for adults. Walk into one, and the pleasant aroma of marijuana greets you, smiling budtenders brighten your day, and a plethora of cannabis

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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