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How to Optimize Your Cannabis Job Resume with ChatGPT

how to use ChatGPT for cannabis resume

Not everyone has a knack for writing resumes. And to get the attention of cannabis employers, a stellar cannabis resume is crucial. Catch their attention. Hold their attention. Show that you’re worth an interview. But it isn’t that easy if writing isn’t your thing. That is where ChatGPT comes in. ChatGPT is an AI-powered language model that can help you write and optimize your cannabis job resume.   

ChatGPT cannabis job search

How Does ChatGPT Work? 

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an advanced language model. Utilizing learning techniques, ChatGPT creates human-like responses to prompts or questions. The AI system uses a huge amount of data, allowing it to understand the context of any given query, prompt, or copy. Therefore, one of the many things it can do well is optimize your cannabis job resume. There is a paid plan for the system called ChatGPT Plus. The monthly price tag is $20. However, you can optimize your cannabis resume with the free version. And we’ll show you how. 

How to Use ChatGPT 

Not sure how to use ChatGPT? Here’s a quick overview of the AI language model: 

  • Access the Platform: Start by visiting a website or using an app that incorporates ChatGPT’s capabilities. Ensure you have an active internet connection. 
  • Input Your Message/Question/Prompt: Look for the text box or input area within the platform. Type in your questions, thoughts, or prompts. If available, you might also be able to use voice input to communicate. 
  • Receive AI Response: Once you’ve entered your input, ChatGPT’s AI algorithms process it in real-time. The platform will quickly generate a response that appears on the screen. This response is designed to provide relevant information or engage in conversation based on your input. 
  • Continue the Interaction: You’re in a dynamic conversation with the AI. Respond to its generated text as you would in any chat. You can ask follow-up questions, seek clarifications, or delve into different topics. The AI will adapt its responses based on the ongoing conversation. 
  • Fine-tune Your Input: If you find that the AI’s response isn’t exactly what you were looking for, try rephrasing your input or adding more context. Experimenting with your queries can lead to more accurate and useful responses. 
  • Explore Additional Features: Some platforms offer extra functionalities. These might include adjusting the tone of the AI’s responses, giving explicit instructions, or supplying context for longer conversations. Take advantage of these options to enhance the conversation experience. 

ChatGPT resume feedback

Get Objective Feedback on Your Cannabis Job Resume 

ChatGPT can help by giving you feedback on your cannabis resume. The system can review your resume and recommend objective changes to wording, grammar, and formatting. You can also prompt ChatGPT to suggest ways to make your resume more effective. Here is the general prompt for getting resume feedback: 

“Give me feedback on my resume.”  

Then copy and paste your entire resume into ChatGPT. 

You can also ask ChatGPT a question to get feedback.  

“How can I improve my resume for [insert cannabis job]?” 

Again, copy and paste your resume after the question.  

Do you need to specifically focus on cannabis resume sections? Use this prompt: 

“Re-write my resume bullet points to this job description for the [insert cannabis job] role at [cannabis company]” 

Copy and paste your resume bullet points along with the job description.  

cannabis jobs keywords search

Find Specific Keywords to Use for the Cannabis Job 

Your resume will typically go through an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS will screen resumes for specific keywords and phrases related to the open position. Therefore, your cannabis resume should include those keywords. ChatGPT can help make that process a breeze. By including keywords used in the cannabis job description, you’ll increase your chances of getting noticed in the deep sea of resumes. Here is a basic prompt you can give ChatGPT to pull the right keywords: 

“Identify industry-specific keywords from this job description.” 

Insert the job description after this prompt.  

Once you identify keywords, you can use ChatGPT to insert those keywords into your resume. Use this prompt: 

“Use these keywords to re-write the following resume.” 

Copy and paste the keywords and your resume.  

You can always edit the resume from there. ChatGPT isn’t perfect. It still needs you to refine the copy from time to time. And remember, you shouldn’t stuff keywords into your resume. Use them naturally. 

Personalize Your Cannabis Resume for the Job 

Specificity and personalization will give your resume a fighting chance in your cannabis job search. However, it can be challenging to personalize your resume. ChatGPT can help. By inputting your information, the AI language model can create new sentences, bullet notes, or paragraphs that add depth and make your unique qualities stand out. You can edit the following prompt for the cannabis job you’re applying to.  

“Expand on my organization skills for a dispensary general manager resume.” 

You can also edit your skills and experience bullet notes to reference the job duties on the job description. Use the following prompt. 

“Edit the following resume bullet notes to match the job duties and responsibilities.”  

You can copy and paste your resume bullet notes and the job duties and responsibilities right after your prompt. 

Applicant Tracking System and ChatGPT

Optimize Your Resume for an Applicant Tracking System 

Many cannabis businesses will use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen resumes. An ATS uses formatting techniques and keywords to deem it worthy of human eyes. That’s right. If you do not make it past the approval of an ATS, your resume will likely not reach the next round. But you’re in luck! ChatGPT can give you ATS-friendly resume writing edits and tips. Here is the prompt to optimize your cannabis resume for an ATS: 

“Optimize my resume for ATS.” 

Copy and paste your resume to the chat box.  

You can also include the keywords you want to use in the prompt. Here is an example: 

“Optimize my resume for ATS. Use the following keywords in the resume.”  

learn from ChatGPT mistakes

Learn from ChatGPT Bias or Mistakes  

ChatGPT can work like a search engine. When you are using it to optimize your resume, it may come back with false information. Always read through what ChatGPT provides you. It’s not perfect. It will make assumptions about you based on the information you give it. For example, if you say you have experience in supply chain management and logistics, it might say you have a degree in business administration. Even though you don’t. But now you know that a business administration degree might be essential to the cannabis job you’re applying for.  

ChatGPT biases or mistakes can present to you a structure for your resume. And it can give you the expectations of the job you’re applying for. You can also use the AI tool to refine your highlighted skills. Use the following prompt: 

“What are the top five skills or strengths I should communicate to a hiring manager for [insert cannabis job]?”  

The response may not be a golden ticket to get you an interview. However, it may inspire you to rethink your resume draft or guide you toward ways to improve it.  

advanced ChatGPT tips for cannabis resume

Advanced Tips for Using ChatGPT to Optimize Your Cannabis Resume 

Already knew about what we previously covered? Check out these tips and details that can get your resume to the next level: 

  • Set limits or give restrictions to work inside (e.g. number of words, number of paragraphs) 
  • Tell ChatGPT the details about your audience (e.g. hiring manager, CEO, founder, recruiter) –of course, you have to research your audience first 
  • Give ChatGPT a role to play (e.g. “write as an entrepreneur who takes initiative”) 
  • Get ChatGPT to simplify text in a job description that you don’t understand 

Remember that ChatGPT and AI in general won’t necessarily do exactly what you want right from the start. Use the prompts suggested and continue to refine them to optimize your resume. Anyone looking to start their cannabis career (or continue it) will see that this AI language model will make the job search process easier.  

Need more help with your cannabis resume? Contact us today!  

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