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Cannabis Gifts For The Holidays: 23 Best Stocking Stuffers

Cannabis Gifts Stocking Stuffers

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” is generously being played on the radio, holiday film classics like Elf are on repeat, and cheery holiday décor is filling up households everywhere. December is the month for spending quality time with your loved ones and, of course, spreading joy by giving them the best stocking stuffer cannabis gifts.    

Who doesn’t want to spend the holidays high on THC and CBD treats? Our cannabis staffing team networks with the best of the best in the cannabis industry. So, we have the inside scoop on the latest stocking stuffers for weed lovers to wrap up for the holidays. We have compiled a list of 23 of the best cannabis stocking stuffers on the market for your consideration. While you’re checking out all the goodies, don’t forget to grab a few cannabis products for yourself. After this long and challenging year, you deserve it!    

Binske pre-rolls

Binske Mini Pre-Roll Packs 

Conveniently packed and ready-to-smoke, each package contains 7 mini-joints at 0.5g each, using the same high-end flower we put into our jars. Featuring our favorite CA strains; Our minis are only rolled using full flower, and never shake or trim. Each pack contains an airtight plastic insert for maximum freshness, making them the perfect eighth on the go.

Current strains on menu:
  • Caramel Cookies | Cookies and Cream x Koolato | Hybrid
  • Golden Sunset Kush | Kush Mints x Jet A | Hybrid
  • Guava Tart | Grandi Guava x Caribbean Cookies | Indica Dom
  • Peanut Brittle | Do-Si-Dos x Mendo Breath | Indica Dom

B2B deal: Purchase 4 cases of current binske Mini Pre-Roll Packs and receive 1 case at 1¢ per unit.

Visit Binske 

cannabis gifts - Blazy Susan Walnut Flight Pad

Blazy Susan Walnut Flight Pad 

Trying to find cannabis gifts for an old-school cannabis lover can be a challenge. This walnut flight pad from Blazy Susan might do the trick. For on-the-go cannabis lovers who believe in the art of rolling a joint, this traveling tray is perfect. There’s even a lighter slot, a large cone holder, and a section for your everyday carry items.  

Visit Blazy Susan

Burb cannabis rolling tray

Burb Magnetic Rolling Tray 

A shiny addition to your cannabis sessions, Burb’s Magnetic Rolling Tray is a festive accessory. The magnetic brass rolling tray is accompanied by a magnetic poking tool, so you don’t lose it! This tray is made from brass plate carbon steel for durability. If you’re shopping for cannabis gifts with minimalist flare, take this tray into consideration.  

Visit Burb

Camino holiday gummies

Camino Christmas Morning Holiday Punch Gummies 

These cranberry and cinnamon gummies will give you a boost of energy to party throughout the holiday season. Each of the gummies has 5mg of THC—so start low and go slow. Camino’s Christmas Morning Holiday Punch cannabis-infused gummies are here for a limited time, so grab them while you can!  

Visit Kiva Confections Camino

CANN cannabis drinks

Cann Cranberry Sage 

Give someone the gift of a holiday buzz without the hangover with Cann’s Cranberry Sage cannabis drink. For regular Cann drinks, each contains 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD. However, you can grab the Hi Boy version—each contains 5mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. This is a limited-time Cranberry Sage release, so pick up a few boxes while you can!  

Visit Cann 

Claybourne CO. cannabis

Claybourne Co. Frosted Flyers 

Frost around & find out with Claybourne Frosted Flyers. These super tasty half gram pre-rolls are THCa diamond frosted, terpene enhanced, and made from premium indoor, full nug flower Infused with liquid diamonds. Each Frosted Flyer is highly potent and packed with nonstop flavor all the way down to the crutch. Available In: (6) Different Strains in (1g) 2-Packs & (2.5g) 5-Packs. 

Visit Claybourne Co.

CULTA vape cartridge

CULTA HTFSE Grapefruit Sour Dream 

CULTA’s Sativa-dominant vape cartridge will help you relax and make the most of the holidays. With sweet, fruity, tart flavors, you’ll be in bliss with every puff. Each cartridge has 33% THC and 0.33% CBD on average. Gift this to the vape lovers on your list, and their eyes will surely light up when they unwrap it!  


High Art: The Definitive Guide to Getting Cultured with Cannabis 

Do you want to elevate the way you see and understand art? The High Art book will help you find the right strains and edibles to break down the art of Van Gogh, William Blake, and more. If you have a friend whose knowledge of art is minimal, but their cannabis consumption is high (or vice versa), this book will make an interesting gift. Help them pair marijuana with art and go on a journey of the inner-self.  

Visit Amazon

Seth Rogen cannabis ashtray

Houseplant Sidecar Ashtray 

Designed by Seth Rogen—comedic actor and cannabis enthusiast—this ashtray is a functional piece of art. It features a deep well to catch joint ash, a spot to perfectly carry a BIC lighter, and a joint-holding notch. It also uses the “same sidecar technology as motorcycles.” Gift this beautiful sidecar ashtray to someone who always loses their lighter.  

Visit Houseplant

Jetty Extracts catridges

Jetty Extracts Vanilla Blossom Cartridge 

Experience a tropical twist with Jetty High THC, a potent hybrid blend featuring fruity and spicy vanilla notes. Triple-tested and crafted in our Oakland lab with legendary strains, this anytime strain promises an elevated experience. Look for our signature wood tip and premium cartridges compatible with any 510-thread battery for a sophisticated cannabis indulgence. Gift one today! 

Visit Jetty Extracts

Kahna cannabis gummies

Kanha Cannabis Infused Cran-Pomegranate Gummies 

Our cannabis gifts list for the holidays wouldn’t be complete without Kanha. And there Cran-Pomegranate gummies are perfect for the season. They feature NANO technology for rapid effects—300% faster absorption—you’ll feel the euphoric effects in no time at all! Each gummy is packing 5mg of THC and you get 20 pieces per bag. Drop one in your cart today!  

Visit Kanha

LEEF CBD dog treats

LEEF Paleo Paw CBD Dog Treats 

Don’t leave your furry friends out of your holiday list! Grab these CBD dog treats made with almond butter, pumpkin, coconut, flax and chia. These bite-sized treats for your pets act like a power bar, as they have Omega-3s, Aminos, and Enzymes. Wrap some up for your four-legged fur babies!  

Visit LEEF Organics 

O2 Vape cannabis vape pen

O2 Vape Flip Ultra 510 Key Fob Vape Pen

The Flip Ultra has a discreet design with a digital display, including a puff counter, voltage information, and battery life. The vape pen is packing a 650 mAh battery for longer vaping, as well as a wider range of voltage: 2.1V to 4.8V. Also, it has an automatic on/off Flip Lock, so it’s disabled when closed. This may be the cannabis gift you buy for yourself!

Visit O2 Vape

Papa & Barkley cannabis product balm

Papa & Barkley THC Releaf Balm 

For your gym-loving friends and family that need to add a little something special to their post-workout routine, there’s Papa & Barkley’s THC Releaf Balm. The award-wining cannabis balm provides hours of severe pain relief. It delivers a warm feeling followed by a cooling sensation to help you rest and refresh properly before the next workout session. This will make the perfect cannabis gift or holiday stocking stuffer for the athletes in your life.   

Visit Papa & Barkley

Pincanna gummies for sleep

Pincanna Night Cap Passionfruit Gummies  

Have a silent night after all the holiday partying with Pincanna’s Night Cap Passionfruit gummies. Each pack contains 10 pieces of THC:CBN gummies with Linalool to promote relaxation and peace. For those on your holiday gift list that need better sleep, these gummies will be just the treat to drop in their stockings. Drop some in your cart today!  

Visit Pincanna

cannabis gifts Presidential Moon Rocks

Presidential Moon Rocks 

Made with top-shelf organic cannabis flower infused with premium THC distillate, Presidential Moon Rocks are a cannabis gift any marijuana lover would appreciate. These budtender favorites are created using a proprietary infusion process, which allows Presidential to permeate the flower all the way to the stem. Then, it’s coated in high-quality kief, for a slow burn. Grab these potent moon rocks today and use them as stocking stuffers for your friends and family!  

Visit Presidential Moon Rocks

ROBHOTS Apple Pie Gummies

Experience the irresistible fusion of green apple, cinnamon, and sugar in Jane Technologies’ Green Apple Gummies—a reminiscent delight of Grandma’s Apple Pie. Indulge in the seasonal magic, available only from October to February, for a delicious bite without the mess. Infused with distillate, these gummies promise a clean, sophisticated high. Gift some for the holidays!  


RYOT cannabis grinder

RYOT GR8TR Jar Body Grinder 

The versatile grinder by RYOT is an ideal gift for the cannabis lover. It includes Vape and Standard Easy Charge Grinder plates, a stainless steel 60-mesh screen that you can change easily, top-lid storage, and modularity. The premium food grade quality grinder also has anti-friction and residue rings. Not to mention, it comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Wrap one up for a friend or family member this holiday season! Special promo code: HOLIDAZE25 for 25% off storewide from 12/11-12/31. 

Visit RYOT

SprinJene CBD toothpaste

SprinJene Natural CBD Toothpaste 

If you know someone with a smile that can light up a room, SprinJene has a cannabis product that will come in handy. SprinJene’s natural hemp-derived, CBD toothpaste will keep your smile shining and healthy the natural way. It’s made with SprinJene’s patented Black Seed Oil & Zinc toothpaste formula and elevated with broad-spectrum CBD. The naturally flavored toothpaste has no artificial dyes, preservatives, animal byproducts, or Saccharine. And it helps dry mouth!   

Visit SprinJene

Sweet Dreams medical cannabis gummies

Texas Original Sweet Dreams Medical Cannabis Gummies  

Formulated with CBN, THC, and targeted rest terpenes, Texas Original’s Sweet Dreams medical cannabis gummies are designed to help patients relieve sleep-related issues associated with qualifying medical conditions. Like all Texas Original™ gummy products, the Sweet Dreams gummies are fast-acting, vegan, gluten-free, and made without artificial dyes or flavors. Please note: products are available with a valid medical cannabis prescription through Texas’ Compassionate Use Program. 

Visit Texas Original

The Botanist cannabis cookie bites

The Botanist Cookie Bites 

Discover the perfect balance of indulgence and control with our 10-pack of Cookie Bites, each offering a precise 10mg dose of THC. These thin and crispy delights come in classic flavors that redefine edible enjoyment: Chocolate Chip, Honey Roasted Peanut Butter, and Vanilla Sugar. Satisfy your cravings with these delicious and doseable treats that elevate the edible experience. 

Visit The Botanist

Tyson 2.0 cannabis gummies

Tyson 2.0 Holy Ears Cherry Pie Punch Gummies  

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield are legends in the world of boxing. After their infamous “Bite Fight” 25 years ago, they’re teaming up for a special cannabis edible. Each gummy is packing 25mg of Delta 8 THC and cherry pie goodness. For those who love the sport of boxing or live the high lifestyle, this is the perfect cannabis holiday gift.  

Visit Tyson 2.0 

WYLD cannabis edibles

WYLD Marionberry Gummies  

WYLD’s Marionberry gummies are a comforting treat for the holidays. They are made with real fruit, as well as an Indica enhanced botanical terpene. One container holds 10 pieces of delicious gummies, and each one has 5mg of THC to bring you the bliss you need. Grab some today as stocking stuffers for your cannabis-loving friends and family!  

Visit WYLD 

Our cannabis staffing team wishes you a safe and happy holidays!

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