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VP of Operations
Operations and distribution leadership

BradleyA proven VP of Operations with over a decade of experience

Relevant Skills

Building state-of-the-art edibles kitchens, creating efficient edibles department, creating successful partnerships

Expertise Summary
  • Bradley is an operations and distribution leader with extensive experience in the cannabis space.  
  • At a cannabis business, Bradley created a new edibles department that the company was looking to establish.  
    • He built a state-of-the art kitchen by sourcing and purchasing all kitchen machinery, implementing the PCQI food safety program and training all employees.  
  • Bradley was able to bring in a cannabis brand and white label for them, allowing them to get into the market.  
    • The brand launched in METRC ahead of the industry, helping to make it one of the most successful edible brands–to date, their gummy generates roughly $1M/month. 
  • Bradley created the edibles department in another state, leveraging his proven track record and creating a strategic partnership. 
    • He was manufacturing 10 SKUs, and the brand is in negotiations to manufacture for another brand.  
    • He also assists in the creation of the packaging and marketing launch of all products.  
    • With his industry connections, he was able to source child- resistant bags. 

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