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Lab Director
Lab, extraction

DillanSeasoned Lab Director with 9+ years in the cannabis industry

Relevant Skills

Highly analytical , strong leadership ability, exceptionally well-rounded

Expertise Summary
  • Dillan is a seasoned veteran in the cannabis industry as well as a formally educated Ph.D. with a background in natural product pharmaceuticals and plant-based medicines.
  • As a Laboratory Director, a Facility Director, and most recently, a Chief Operating Officer, Dillan has experience overseeing laboratory designs and buildouts, installing, and commissioning equipment, and managing staff members in a variety of departments (admin, sales, compliance, manufacturing, and R&D).
  • Dillan has been a cannabis advocate in several states, including California, Arizona, Maine, Maryland, Ohio, and Connecticut giving testimony as an unofficial lobbyist in 2 states.
    • He was also awarded 2 contracts from the Department of Commerce to assist with rules and regulation writing and to score medical cannabis applications as a private contractor.
  • Dillan is as comfortable in a board room as he is in a laboratory and can give equal due diligence in analyzing anything from sales forecasts and P&L statements to equipment specification sheets and scientific literature.
    • He is exceptionally well-rounded by his formal education as a research scientist and his real-world experience being a business owner and entrepreneur.
    • He is a true asset to any enterprise that needs him to wear more than one hat at a time.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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