Account Manager
Enterprise sales and high-level business development


Relevant Skills

Supporting strategic market share needs, Managing relations with cannabis companies, Delivering above-expected results

Expertise Summary
  • Flynn has 10+ years of experience heavily steeped in enterprise sales and high-level business development, delivering above-expected results.
  • Flynn is currently the Account Manager/Development Manager for a cannabis company, working with some of the largest MSOs in the country.
    • He works with the MSOs’ executive-level staff, supporting their strategic market share needs to expand their brand and revenues.
    • He manages and strengthens relations with various premier cannabis organizations, including one of the largest cultivators in California.
  • Flynn uses a required level of sophistication that’s necessary for relations with c-level executives, high-net-worth investors, elected officials, public regulators, corporate hierarchies, and boards of directors.
  • Flynn also recruits through cold/warm outreach via phone, in-person conversations, email, and social media.
    • He connects with decision-makers at vertically integrated cannabis companies as well as ancillary firms, such as attorneys, lobbyists, regulators, and other service providers.
  • In his tenure with a cannabis association, he has experienced a strategic 130% increase in membership numbers bringing in the best quarters in over 3 years under his direction.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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