Supply and Demand Analyst
Analysis-based business improvements


Relevant Skills

Performing logical analysis and solving problems, Leading high-performance, cross-functional teams, Creating and implementing enterprise-wide master data strategy

Expertise Summary
  • Gracie is an enterprising professional with 10+ years of experience in leading strategies for supply chain analysis, data analysis, and change management in dynamic corporate landscapes.
    • She has a track record of achieving quality assurance by ensuring strict adherence to KPIs, contract terms to meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements.
    • Gracie is a dynamic communicator with the ability to facilitate vendor negotiations and lead high-performance, cross-functional teams, and collaborate with project partners.
  • As a Sr. Supply and Demand Analyst, Gracie is responsible for creating and implementing an enterprise-wide master data strategy.
    • She is also involved in new product innovation strategies.
  • As a Supply Chain & Business Analyst for 6 years, Gracie maximized the latest enterprise software to offer analysis-based recommendations for business improvements.
    • She also partnered with internal partners in Supply Chain, Logistics, Marketing, and Product Supply in steering network review and expansion, new products, case pack changes, and supply opportunity ventures.
  • Gracie is known for her adaptability, both as a leader and as a problem solver.
    • She takes a creative and methodical approach to solving problems, envisioning various outcomes, and performing logical analysis.
    • Gracie is the go-to person for complex projects and problems that require unique data stories.

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