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HR Director
Employee development, disciplinary investigations, and compensation administration


Relevant Skills

Implementing strategic HR initiatives, Overseeing complete cycle of the recruitment process, Balancing routine HR duties

Expertise Summary
  • Hallie is an SHRM certified professional with 5 years of professional experience in the cannabis retail space.
    • While working at one of the nation’s longest-running dispensaries, she led the charge of human resources through a global pandemic, driving organizational change by implementing strategic HR initiatives that improved performance, profitability, growth, and employee engagement.
    • She ensured HR efficiency in a high-growth organization through diverse recruitment and retention practices, performance management, and collaboration in developing and successfully implementing policy and procedure.
  • As the Director of Human Resources at a cannabis dispensary, Hallie was an influential leader with proven success in identifying and solving complex business problems.
    • Through a lens of critical evaluation, she leads change management strategies to foster long-term growth.
    • She reduced the company resources required to onboard new hires by 25% by implementing a digital system–through digitization and automation, organizations can gain efficiency and enjoy cost savings.
  • While at the dispensary, Hallie was responsible for overseeing the complete cycle of the recruitment process and all levels of development within the organization.
    • With diversity as a core organizational value, Hallie ensured recruitment, hiring, and promotion efforts mirrored these values through key performance indicators.
    • To promote a more inclusive organization, she facilitated and led the creation of the Equity Advisory Group, an employee resource group, to produce strategies for tackling a wide array of issues such as racism and environmental justice in the workplace.
  • As an HR Leader, Hallie balanced routine HR duties such as updating the employee handbook, conducting employee satisfaction surveys, recording maintenance, and payroll management with critical responsibilities.
    • Key responsibilities included the following: employee development, disciplinary investigations, compensation administration, and fair employment and labor management practices.

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