Sales & Retail Operations Manager
Launching dispensaries and driving profitability


Relevant Skills

Developing SOPs and raising analytics, Consistently hitting revenue targets, Hiring, training, and managing employees

Expertise Summary
  • Jerome is an executive Sales and Retail Operations Manager with 10+ years of big-box retail experience and 5 years of cannabis experience.
    • He launched 40+ dispensaries in Southern California and drives profitability through opportunity, assessment, training, and development. 
    • Jerome is currently with a leading e-commerce company, helping them launch 8 new locations, developing SOPs, and raising analytics by 30% in 3 months. 
  • Jerome grew his most recent company that was down-trending 20% YOY from $24M to $29M– a 20% uplift. 
    • He developed SOPs and an L&D department to create a culture around driving customer solutions.
  • Jerome hired, trained, and managed a successful sales team of 6 General Managers, 15 Assistant Store Managers, and 150 Sales Associates to develop and retain new business while consistently hitting revenue targets.
    • He has hands-on experience developing a successful sales strategy and utilizes an LMS system that trains and sets the expectations for all employees.
  • Jerome has set up CRM processes and systems to ensure proper customer-facing management and real-time projections, pipeline, and deal flow.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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