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Laboratory Analyst
Laboratory Analysis

LewisProven Laboratory Analyst ready to join a business in the industry.

Relevant Skills

PCR Specialization, experimental design, chemical and biological analysis

Expertise Summary
  • Lewis has a proven track record in the cannabis testing industry, demonstrating expertise in various areas, including leadership, PCR specialization, experimental design, chemical and biological analysis, ISO 17025 compliance, workflow optimization, project management, research and development, and quality control.  
    • He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Ohio State University and a Masters of Medical Sciences from the University of Southern Florida. 
  • In his current role as a Laboratory Analyst II at a cannabis testing company, Lewis has showcased his ability to travel and establish startup cannabis testing labs in multiple states.  
    • He has supported the Regional Microbiology Director in setting up labs in various locations, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Virginia, and New York.  
    • Lewis’s proficiency in HPLC analysis and familiarity with lab solutions software has allowed them to contribute to the validation work specific to microbiology.  
    • He is well-versed in ISO 17025 standards, document/form drafting, quality control, and staff training and management. 
  • With a focus on real-time qPCR for microbial detection in medical marijuana, Lewis has provided specialized expertise in microbiological research and familiarity with Medicinal Genomics PCR platform.  
    • He has successfully assisted private clients in research and development initiatives and resolved contamination issues. 
    • Furthermore, his experience includes biological tasks such as gram staining, microbial identification, plating/Petrifilm preparation, and quality oversight. 
  • Lewis has also demonstrated proficiency in operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting various chemical and biological analytical instruments, including HPLC, GCMS, LCMS, and ICP-MS. 
  • Lewis brings a diverse skill set, a passion for the cannabis industry, and a commitment to maintaining a competitive edge within demanding markets.  
    • His proven success in the cannabis testing industry positions him as a valuable asset for organizations seeking expertise in laboratory operations, quality control, and research and development within the cannabis sector. 


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