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Marketing & Business Executive
Marketing and business development

MiaMarketing and business executive with over a decade of experience

Relevant Skills

Business development, brand growth , revenue enhancement

Expertise Summary
  • Mia, an accomplished marketing and business development executive with 15+ years of experience, has consistently delivered outstanding results in brand growth and revenue enhancement. 
    • From FY2020 to FY2022, she spearheaded initiatives that generated $7M+ in improved earnings for beauty, personal care, and wellness clients.  
    • Her strategic prowess led to a 40% YoY increase in new business revenue, demonstrating her proactive approach to identifying and capturing opportunities beyond the initial scope. 
  • With a remarkable ability to streamline operations and align business functions with growth goals, Mia achieved substantial savings of $105M+ by recalibrating business models in response to evolving market trends.  
    • Her impact extends to consumer messaging, where she utilized motivation studies to refine strategies, resulting in a 35% increase in message resonance.  
    • She excels in end-to-end marketing and business development, fostering high-performing teams, and delivering excellence in project implementation. 
  • Mia’s expertise has been instrumental in consulting for top clients–notably, as the VP of Brand Growth & Development at a health and wellness company, she developed wholesale business lines, integrated AR/AI/VR technologies, and achieved a $2.3M+ increase in ARR through statistical analysis.  
  • Mia is a dynamic leader and strategic thinker, consistently driving success across diverse industries. 

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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