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Sales Manager
Sales and Retail Management

TristenPassionate cannabis Sales Manager dedicated to excellence

Relevant Skills

Retaining clients , media outreach campaigning, strong work-ethic

Expertise Summary
  • Tristen is currently the Sales Manager at one of the top-rated cannabis dispensaries in the market.
    • His enthusiastic, engaging, and passionate charisma for cannabis is what keeps his loyal 100+ clients coming back to see him.
    • Tristen’s steadfast work ethic separates himself from his coworkers, as he has been promoted twice within one year working for a cannabis operator.
    • He is hungry to learn more and made a name for himself within sales in this booming new industry.
    • He is open to relocation.
  • Tristen’s responsibilities have included account management, personal consultation, media outreach campaigning, personnel management, inventory management, sales team education and leadership.
    • With a background in sports management and business, Tristen brings a competitive and goal-driven mindset to his teams.
    • This has resulted in his dispensary achieving $9.8 million in revenue during his first year.
    • He is ready to take on bigger challenges and help any sales team exceed their goals.
  • After earning his first promotion, Tristen was given a voice to see what improvements could be made in his dispensary.
    • His proposed initiatives resulted in sales floor efficiency increasing by 15%.
    • This allowed his patient consultations to jump from around 30 to as many as 50 per day, while reducing lobby wait times–he’s constantly looking for ways to improve himself and his business.
  • Tristen is active in retaining his clients as he manages a loyalty rewards program.
    • This entails media outreach campaigns through email and text messages, informing patients of upcoming sales, new product releases, and answering any questions/concerns clients have.
    • His outgoing and task-oriented personality makes him effective in growing prosperous relationships with clients.
  • As an employee, Tristen is dedicated, driven, and coachable.
    • He brings a positive presence to every team that can count on him to deliver.
    • Through his professional experiences, Tristen has gained knowledge in management and cannabis culture that he uses to network with other industry specialists.

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