Wet chemistry, instrumentation, documentation, calibrations, and maintenance of analytical equipment


Relevant Skills

Executing product formulation and refining procedures, Maintaining/developing SOPs, work instructions, test methods, and documentation, Maintaining aseptic methods and protocols

Expertise Summary
  • For the past 9 years, Veronica has been a Chemist for a manufacturing company specializing in beauty and personal care.
    • She is a skilled scientist, experienced in wet chemistry, instrumentation, documentation, calibrations, and routine maintenance of analytical equipment.
    • She works efficiently in a fast-paced environment and is able to meet critical deadlines.
  • Veronica has experience running and trouble-shooting HPLCs (Perkin- Elmer and Water), GC-FID (Perkin- Elmer and Agilent) using Empower and Chem Station software.
    • She has hands-on experience testing raw materials according to USP/NF and FCC.
  • Veronica is committed to the execution of all product formulation and refining procedures in an efficient manner that also complies with state regulations, FDA cGMPs, OSHA regulations, quality assurance testing, and applicable laboratory procedures.
  • Veronica assists in maintaining/developing SOPs, work instructions, test methods, and documentation required for compliance.
    • She also has experience performing OOS reports.
  • Veronica maintains a clean and safe work environment by maintaining aseptic methods and protocols, and following standards and procedures.
    • She has experience performing inventory and purchasing lab equipment.

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