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General Manager
Management and Consulting

VinceCannabis General Manager who excels in consulting and mentoring

Relevant Skills

Developing processes for operational efficiency., analysis of industry to generate profit, managing and maintaining day-to-day staff operations

Expertise Summary
  • Vince has been working as a Consultant in the cannabis industry, where he has provided professional and educational services to venture capital firms, investment management firms, and professional services firms.   
  • Vince worked as the General Manager at a premier cannabis company, where he helped provide safe access to pharmaceutical-grade cannabis medicines and dedicated patient access.  
    • His responsibilities included hiring, training, mentoring, and the day-to-day operations of a 20-member staff that was able to help thousands of patients and generate $1.4 million in revenue in their first calendar year.   
    • Vince reduced their labor costs by 20% while catapulting profits, productivity, and quality metrics by 20%. 
    • He identified KPIs, value stream mapping, and workflow analysis that fast-tracked the company’s turnaround from a history of losses to sustainable profitability within 3 months.  
    • Also, he introduced a new, improved training process that boosted staff retention and operational efficiencies. 
  • During a week-long sales training seminar summit at a New York dispensary, he was part of a team that developed a framework for an effective sales training program that mirrored the system the company established in New York. 
    • They tailored it to adhere to the regulations and address inefficiencies experienced in the market.  
  • Vince was also the General Manager at another cannabis company, where he helped generate $1.8 million in sales in their first calendar year.  
    • He created a Patient Acquisition Strategy that resulted in a 20% increase in patient foot traffic and sales within his first 6 months of employment. 
    • His research, analysis, and interpretation of industry statistics led to the development of a Patient Acquisition Strategy where several of his ideas were implemented and assisted in the development of the company, its procedures, and record sales. 
  • Vince has a great deal of knowledge, passion, and experience in the cannabis industry. His years of experience working in the industry have prepared him to develop processes and execute solutions as they relate to the firm’s operational efficiency.  

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