Why Use Temporary Employees in Cannabis?

by May 6, 2020Cannabis Industry

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When it comes to cannabis jobs, temp roles can be beneficial for any business in the space. However, many companies overlook the advantages of hiring temp employees. There are several reasons why the use of temporary employees in cannabis is a smart idea. If you’re a cannabis employer, you’ll know that making adjustments is crucial to succeeding in the industry. Therefore, the flexibility of temporary cannabis employees can assist you in reaching higher ground.

To help you consider whether cannabis temporary employees are right for your company, we’ve put together a short overview of how they can help. Undoubtedly, our cannabis staffing firm can provide you with the best temp talent in cannabis out there. So, check out why you should use temporary employees.

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5 Days Free Special Offer for Cannabis Employers

Are you looking for temporary employees in cannabis? We’re offering 5 days free on temp employees for new clients. Our CannabizTemp 5 Days Free special offer is only available for a limited time. We can provide temp employees in a variety of verticals in the industry. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this deal. To redeem the special offer, please contact our VP of Temp Services, Victoria Guzek.

(Credit will be applied after 5 billing days (i.e. after 5 billing days, the client will receive 1 day credit for the following week). Temporary employees must work 30+ days to receive full credit.)

Cannabis Staffing Services

Our team is ready to help you with any and all of your cannabis staffing needs. As a premier cannabis staffing firm, we’re dedicated to finding companies the right candidates and starting cannabis careers. Therefore, if you’re looking for a cannabis staffing firm that specializes in placing cannabis executive, full-time, or temporary talent, please reach out to us at contact@cannabizteam.com.

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