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5 Tips for Updating Your Resume for Cannabis Jobs

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The road to starting your cannabis career may seem intimidating, but it’s a worthy endeavor if you’re passionate about the popular plant. Once you’ve found a way to match your skills and experience to a cannabis job type, it’s time to give your resume a makeover.

To assist in the tedious process, we’ve put together the best tips for updating your resume for cannabis jobs. You want to stand out from the flock of resumes that will flood a cannabis employer’s inbox and end up in the interview pile. Luckily, with our collective cannabis staffing experience, we know what employers are looking for when sifting through the hundreds of options. Your resume is your potential ticket to your first interview, and we’ll help you make it golden. 

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1. Provide a Professional Summary

To make your resume more modern, wipe away your objective statement. For the young cannabis industry, you’ll want to provide a professional summary that gives an overview of your career. Since this is at the top of your cannabis job resume, you’ll want to think of it as an elevator pitch–an enticing, quick synopsis of your background. Within the professional summary, you’ll want to highlight accomplishments, skills, and qualifications. You may also want to discuss impressive parts of your employment history. Your goal in this section is to hook the employer in, making them want to read the rest of your cannabis job resume. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important steps to updating your resume for cannabis jobs. 

2. Include Related Jobs

Reverse chronological order is still the preferred layout for your job history. However, you do not have to present all of your past jobs on your resume. Include positions that are related to the occupation you’re applying for or cannabis jobs, if you’ve had any. If you’ve worked for notable companies before in positions that don’t relate to the one you’re pursuing–you can add them at the end of your job history without dates. This allows you to name drop but still keeps your cannabis job resume clean and dialed-in. Another option is to include two sections of professional history. The first section should contain roles you’ve held that prove you’re perfect for the cannabis job you’re pursuing. 

3. Identify Cannabis Keywords for the Position

Any repeated words found in a job listing are the keywords. The keywords found in the posting are what helped you find it in the first place. They indicate the skills, technical experience, and abilities needed to achieve success in the cannabis role. In other words, the keywords are what the cannabis employer is looking for, so be sure to include them organically in your resume. Several companies use an applicant tracking system, which filters incoming resumes, helping HR personnel. If your resume is lacking the appropriate keywords, it may not even reach the eyes of any humans. This can be a tricky part of updating your resume for cannabis jobs, so take your time analyzing the job listing. 

4. Quantify Your Success 

Cannabis employers want to see numbers and results. Businesses appreciate workers that know how to save money and utilize it in the best way possible to move the company forward. So, illustrate how you’ve made a positive impact financially in your past companies. You can also show your efficiency through numbers. Even if you can’t calculate any exact figures, give a range. And if you find yourself stuck quantifying your success, use frequency. An easy way to add numbers to your resume is by noting the frequency of an important task that you perform. For example, if you’re a managing editor, you can report how many articles you’re able to edit per day. Hiring managers want to see if you can handle high-volume scenarios. 

5. Add Cannabis Education/ Volunteer Work 

If you’re looking to land one of the many cannabis jobs available, you’ll want to improve your education or volunteer work section. The cannabis industry continues to be more competitive every day, so making yourself stand out with cannabis education or volunteer work is a major plus. You can find comprehensive cannabis education courses taught by the best professionals in the industry at Green Flower Media. Their certificate courses are 100% online, and they have a variety of programs available, including Fundamentals, Extraction, Cultivation, and Patient Care. Remember, you can still put a cannabis education course on your resume while you’re in the process of completing it. Furthermore, if you do any volunteer work for the cannabis industry, you’ll show that you’re passionate about the space. Start networking and looking for volunteer opportunities in the industry.

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