How Temporary Jobs Can Help Your Cannabis Career

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Although you may have your heart set on a full-time cannabis job, you may still have to work on making your resume attractive enough for cannabis hiring managers to consider. Making the transition into the cannabis industry isn’t always easy. While it’s possible to be hired in a full-time cannabis role without prior cannabis work experience or education, it’s difficult. But, there is one underrated option that will help you tick some boxes. 

According to the American Staffing Association, U.S. staffing companies hire 15 million temporary and contract employees a year. So, taking a temporary job is nothing new, but it’s not something many consider, even though there are plenty of benefits. We’ll break down how temporary jobs can help your cannabis career, so you can see if it’s the right path for you.

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Temporary Cannabis Jobs Allow You to Test Drive

Sifting through all the cannabis jobs available, you may not be aware of what cannabis career path you want to take. So, aiming for entry-level temporary jobs in cannabis could help you hone in on what you love. You can even work a few temporary gigs in the cannabis industry to get a feel for the sectors that seem like a good fit. By test driving through temporary cannabis jobs, you’ll be sure about where your heart is set. And, if you have experience in the industry, but want to test drive a position at a specific company, you can take up a temporary or consulting job to get a feel for the company culture before making a full commitment. 

Smoother Transition into the Industry 

Since the cannabis industry is still rather new, you may not have experience with cannabis beyond using it. Although there are people that can make the transition into the industry with no cannabis work experience, it helps tremendously when you do. So, working temporary jobs in cannabis is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door. With your contracted time at a cannabis company, you can sharpen your skills and get acclimated to the space. Compared to other industries, the cannabis industry moves fast and requires one to pivot often to prevail. Therefore, a temporary cannabis job may be the perfect way to start the new, greener chapter of your life.

Expand Your Network 

Attending industry-related conferences or joining professional cannabis groups are great ways to build professional relationships. However, forming bonds with co-workers at a cannabis organization is even more beneficial. The group you work with at your temporary cannabis job can attest to the value you provide, which is priceless. By working a temporary job to gain experience in the cannabis industry, you’ll form connections with people who can vouch for your knowledge, skills, and drive. These individuals may also be willing to write referrals for you or type up a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile. Not to mention, the people you work with may know of opportunities you can pursue in the cannabis industry once your contract is up. 

Diversifying Your Experience 

Picking up a few temporary jobs allows you to gain experience from different levels or sectors of the industry. By being a temporary employee for different cannabis companies in a variety of positions, you can broaden your knowledge and skills. Navigating from role to role, you’ll experience new methods, techniques, obstacles, and systems, helping you evolve into a more marketable candidate. You can work for a cannabis giant in one temp role and work for a start-up company in the next temp opportunity. And, through working in a variety of roles, you’ll be clear on where you want to take your cannabis career. 

Filling Resume Gaps

If you happen to be out of a job right now, and there aren’t any full-time cannabis industry opportunities at the moment, temporary jobs can help you fill resume gaps. Employers tend to be cautious about hiring people with long periods of unemployment. Hiring managers can’t tell whether you’ve been diligently looking for work in the past six months or you’ve been hitting the beach every day, not putting in much effort in your job search. By working contract assignments, cannabis executives looking at your resume will see that you take your cannabis career seriously. Not only are you keeping your skills sharp, but you’re also growing your network and gaining new experiences. 

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