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CannabizTeam Writes for MG Magazine on the Importance of Temporary Workers in Cannabis Staffing

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MG Magazine

Our founder and CEO, Liesl Bernard, recently authored an article that appeared in the January 2021 issue of MG Magazine. Liesl’s article, “Temp Workers Benefit Businesses and the Economy,” can be found on page 26 of the issue:

“The growth and resilience of the U.S. cannabis industry proved to be an economic bright spot in 2020,” begins Liesl. “In a setting where more than 30 million Americans filed for unemployment, cannabis businesses filled tens of thousands of positions. In particular, temporary workers were in high demand as an affordable, readily available solution for businesses adjusting to new regulations or dealing with health-related absences.” 

In the article, Liesl explores many of the ways temporary workers can benefit a cannabis business:

  • Especially during times of economic hardship, temporary workers are an affordable alternative to new full-time candidates
  • Bringing on temporary help can ensure your business continues to operate during unexpected or last minute leaves of absence
  • While the average time spent finding a cannabis direct hire is more than forty days, temporary help is typically available right away, within two to three days
  • Temporary hires have flexible contracts, so you have the ability to decide how long they stick around
  • Bringing on temporary help can help your core employees avoid burnout from working long hours or wearing multiple hats
  • A fresh perspective or new set of skills could be what your company needs to adapt, execute creative solutions and maintain a steady sales revenue

Liesl also discusses some of the cannabis temp positions that were in high demand during 2020, including budtenders, extraction technicians, HR assistants, manufacturing technicians, and retail and customer service staff. 

“Even after we make it through these turbulent times, the temporary staffing trend is one that’s likely to continue,” says Liesl. “According to the American Staffing Association, U.S. staffing agencies hire 15 million temporary and contract employees a year – almost 10 percent of the entire American workforce.” 

“Temp Workers Benefit Businesses and the Economy” also published online at – read Liesl Bernard’s full MG Magazine article for yourself here:

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