Liesl Bernard Writes About Interstate Commerce for MG Magazine

Liesl Bernard Writes About Interstate Commerce for MG Magazine

Our CEO Liesl Bernard writes a bi-monthly human resources column for MG Magazine – hopefully you caught her last piece on the importance of temporary workers in the cannabis industry. Her latest column in the March 2021 issue discusses the potential for interstate commerce in today’s cannabis marketplace, and what this might mean for cannabis employers. “What Interstate Commerce Could Mean for Cannabis Employers” can be found on page 27 of the March issue of MG Magazine:

Cannabis legalization is continuing to spread across the country, and as this movement continues with strong support over the next couple of years, federal legalization becomes increasingly likely. What does this mean for cannabis companies and how they do business? The first step toward legalization is likely to be de-scheduling cannabis as a Schedule I drug, which will lead to dramatic changes in the overall cannabis business climate. 

Liesl explores a number of ways cannabis business leaders can expect the marketplace to change when de-scheduling happens:

  • Plant-touching jobs are likely to be in high demand as the need for greater supply expands rapidly 
  • Continued consolidation and influx of capital will lead to larger extraction facilities, resulting in an increased need for cannabis job candidates with experience in this field
  • Removing cannabis from Schedule I is actually likely to increase regulations – not lessen compliance and testing requirements 
  • In 2020, manufactured cannabis products accounted for nearly 40% of all cannabis retail sales in the U.S. – de-scheduling will even mean more manufacturing licenses granted across the country

“Building a team of qualified leaders, and keeping them around for the long run, will be more important than ever,” explains Liesl. “As companies prepare for interstate commerce with the multi-state operator ‘land grab,’ finding cannabis executives with experience managing people and operations across multiple states will be of increasing importance.” 

“What Interstate Commerce Could Mean for Cannabis Employers” also published online at You can read the whole column here by Liesl Bernard:

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