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CannabizTeam Discusses Diversity, Equality and Inclusion with Workest

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CannabizTeam Founder and CEO Liesl Bernard was recently interviewed by Catherine Tansey for a Workest article sharing tips for human resources leaders in the cannabis space. Workest, powered by Zenefits, features news, information and trends to empower small businesses. 

“With a 100% growth rate from 2016 to 2020 – doubling in size – the legal cannabis industry shows no sign of slowing down,” the article begins. “Businesses of all sizes in the industry need well-resourced HR leaders to staff, support, coach and train their workforces to support the needs of the business.” 

The article outlines ten key pieces of advice for HR leaders in the cannabis industry, including:

  • Find a way to get comfortable with recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding and supporting employees in remote and/or hybrid work environments
  • Focus on creating diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces – research shows that diverse teams perform better and are more innovative
  • Building a strong, healthy company culture is the foundation of any successful cannabis business 
  • Implement a thorough cannabis training program specific to the industry as part of your onboarding process 

Liesl focuses on creating diversity, equality and inclusion in the cannabis industry: “We’re considered to be a progressive industry, but diversity is still lacking – especially among cannabis executive and leadership teams.” 

She goes on to discuss how this trend led CannabizTeam to launch CT Board Placement, our staffing division focused on increasing diversity and effective leadership in the cannabis industry. CT Board Placement works with leading cannabis companies to ensure each of the directors on their boards has a diverse blend of skills and experience to match the strategic direction of their business. 

“Having more diverse boards not only supports the fight for equity and inclusion, but also helps companies evolve with the industry and drive innovation,” says Liesl. 

To read the article in its entirety from Catherine Tansey, visit:

Appointing the right Board of Directors is a critically important decision in any industry, but is especially crucial for cannabis companies in today’s competitive marketplace. Recruiting directors in the cannabis space is a more complex process due to the relative youth of the industry and lingering legal nuances. Contact our team of experts today and let us help you build the right leadership team for your cannabis business.

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