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Return to the Office: Using a Hybrid Work Model in the Cannabis Industry

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A return to the office for the cannabis industry makes sense now that the pandemic numbers are down compared to last year. And since cannabis was deemed essential in 2020, many cannabis workers have been working onsite, especially those in cultivation, extraction, and retail. However, the “norm” people were accustomed to before is no longer conceivable for some cannabis companies. There are benefits to working from home, as we’ve learned during a tumultuous 2020. On the other hand, the office setting has advantages that can’t be replicated using a full work-from-home model. Therefore, a hybrid work model for the cannabis industry is a wonderful solution for any cannabis companies that are able to do it.   

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What is a Hybrid Work Model?   

A hybrid work model provides cannabis employees the chance to both work at home and in the office. It provides people to experience the benefits of both settings and introduces balance to the work-life. Strictly working at the office is a thing of the past for some, as we’ve evolved to know that utilizing both settings can make you more efficient and happier. According to Accenture, 83% of workers prefer a hybrid work model. Before the pandemic, work was very much so tied to identity and meaning that many people lost track of themselves outside the office. A return to the office for part of the week provides the best of both worlds for employees in the cannabis industry and beyond. There are three basic hybrid work models. First, you can make working from home primary with an option to come into the office. Second, you can establish 1-3 days in the office and the rest of the days remote. Third, you can provide employees with a certain amount of work from home days a month, making the office primary.   

  1. Work from home with in-office option 
  2. Establish work from home and in-office days 
  3. Give employees a certain amount of work from home days a month 

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A Return to the Office Improves Company Culture  

A return to the office with a hybrid work model means you have the opportunity to nurture your company culture better. Although company culture can flourish in a fully work-at-home setting, having a couple of days to interact in the office helps tremendously. By creating a nourishing environment at the office for employees to connect about work and life in general, they will feel like part of a team, especially those who are more extroverted. It also gives leaders the chance to interact with everyone, bring the company’s values to life, and empower staff on their individual journeys that contribute to the shared company goals. The hybrid work model in the cannabis industry can be beneficial to company culture if approached the right way.   

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Time for In-Person Communication with a Return to the Office 

Face-to-face time is essential for any company. While in the office, you have the opportunity to fully connect with your colleagues. Getting to know your co-workers in face-to-face interactions creates a sense of community and camaraderie that can’t be achieved through video meetings or calls. It also allows for a different approach to problem-solving, as communication is more instantaneous. There’s plenty you can do through video calls but having in-office interaction a couple of times a week is beneficial to innovation. Your time alone at home and your time together in the office can produce different solutions and ideas, giving you more options to approach challenges along the road. And for extroverted individuals, in-person communication is a breath of fresh air. A hybrid work model in the cannabis industry can really allow various personalities to shine. 

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Hire Amazing Talent Across the Globe 

Keeping a hybrid work model allows you to hire amazing cannabis talent around the globe. Expand your options and find candidates to add to your cannabis staff who complement your current team well. Most people are already used to working from home, so hiring full-time remote workers won’t be a hassle. With popular communication platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, integrating full-time remote cannabis employees is simple. Now you’re not just limited to hiring local talent. Not to mention, if they work in different time zones, they can provide ‘round-the-clock coverage for your cannabis organization. With a hybrid work model in the cannabis industry, you can assemble a team that’s closer to ideal than it’s ever been. 

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Decrease Health Exposure Risks 

A healthy team is a happy team. If you’re able to do a hybrid work model in the cannabis industry, you’ll be decreasing the health risks of your cannabis staff. You can lower the chances of the flu, cold, or COVID-19 by having staff work from home part of the week. With fewer sick days from your staff, your team will be operating at full force more consistently. A Mondaq report shows a significant decrease in sick days in 2020—there was an 80.6% decrease in sick days in May of 2020 compared to May of 2019. If certain departments of your cannabis staff are working in-office the whole week, the hybrid cannabis employees will give them more space at your location, decreasing the chances of getting sick. So, even if you’re producing cannabis products or run a retail cannabiz there may be a chance for certain positions to use the hybrid work model, which may improve the overall health of the company.  

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Things to Consider with a Hybrid Work Model 

Although the hybrid work model is a great option for those in the cannabis industry, there are some things to consider. Cannabis employees that are working remotely full-time may feel disconnected from the in-house team. So, ensure that they are included in special events or meetings. For example, you can have lunch sent to them if you’re grabbing lunch for the in-house team or have them hop on zoom for a birthday celebration. Additionally, time differences can be a challenge. Therefore, you should keep in mind the time differences for your cannabis employees that aren’t local and give them extra slack for email responses. Also, putting in the extra effort to build rapport with those who are fully remote makes a big difference. Keep them in the loop via group chat or water cooler video chat sessions.   

A return to the office for the cannabis industry is welcome. However, if you decide to adopt a hybrid work model, many benefits go along with it. Choose the best work model for your cannabis company to improve company culture, retain your best talent, and maintain positive energy.   

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