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Cannabis Industry Tips: Consider This Before Accepting a Counteroffer

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When your talent and experience are so in-demand that your current cannabis employer presents a counteroffer when another proposition is on the table, it’s normal to feel like the MVP. However, you may feel a bit overwhelmed in dealing with a counteroffer. Now you’re wrestling with the question “should I stay, or should I go?”

To help you make a well-thought-out decision, we’re going to discuss what to consider before accepting a counteroffer in the cannabis industry. We want you to be absolutely sure that you’re as satisfied as you can be with your decision. There may be plenty of cannabis jobs in the sea but finding the right one for you can be a complicated journey. Let’s look at what you should consider before deciding on whether or not to accept the counteroffer from your employer.   

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Is Leaving Your Current Company Worth the New Cannabis Job Offer?

If you’ve lost the passion you once had for your current position, analyze what happened that led to the fire being doused. First, think about what made you want to search for more cannabis job opportunities. With the growing market, other cannabis jobs could be much more refined, offer benefits you don’t have, or provide perks that are missing in your current position. List reasons you want to leave, as well as reasons that make staying at your cannabis company worth it.   

Now that your cannabis employer knows about the other opportunity, it may be time to discuss improving compensation and perks. You want to fully consider what the company is willing to do to keep you. Additionally, you can make a “must-have” checklist of ideal cannabis job points that you can use to measure each opportunity. Do your best to keep emotions out of the decision and keep your situation and interests in mind.  

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Is this cannabis job offer a lateral movement or improvement? 

In the case of a lateral financial movement, you’ll want to consider the cannabis company culture. Reassess whether your current company aligns with your beliefs at work and beyond. If you clash with the current state of the company culture, it may be time to move on. Additionally, you want to consider your growth as an employee. Are you being challenged at your current cannabis job? Is your employer providing you with opportunities to learn and grow? Although it may be a lateral movement financially, there are many other factors to consider.  

If the other cannabis company is presenting you with better compensation and benefits, think about future progress. Do some research in terms of longevity of employees and promotions made by the company. Afterward, you can compare what both companies can provide you in terms of compensation and benefits. Will the counteroffer from your current cannabis employer even the playing field? Also, think about how many raises you’ve received for your hard work throughout the years. Were they consistent? Did you have to bring it up in performance reviews? Gauge whether or not it’s too late for your current cannabis employer to make up for their shortcomings.  

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Will accepting a counteroffer address the issue(s)? 

If the counteroffer revolves solely around higher compensation, think about the issues you may have with your current cannabis company. There are plenty of cannabis jobs to choose from, so weighing your options against your current situation is essential. If your employer truly values your contribution to the cannabis company, they will compensate you fairly without the need to be forced by another organization offering you an opportunity.  

Maybe compensation isn’t the main reason why you’re considering the option of taking another offer. Perhaps you’re looking for better company culture or diversity, which the other company can provide. Review the company’s mission statement, beliefs, and staff personalities to see if you’d fit in. When you’re aligned with a company’s beliefs and values, you’ll be a more efficient and happier employee. It may also be that you’re not being challenged anymore and have outgrown your role. Before accepting a counteroffer, think about what you want to learn and what responsibilities you want to have. Growth within any cannabis job is essential.  

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Will you be happy accepting the counteroffer or new cannabis job offer? 

It’s never just about the money. Only 12% of employees leave because of low salaries. Choosing to stay or go is mostly about your happiness at work. So, the most crucial point to consider is whether or not you’ll be happy after accepting the counteroffer. However, it may be a difficult question to answer since you don’t know what the other company will be like. Studies have shown that 50% of employees that accept a counteroffer leave within 12 months. It may be the attraction to a promise of a better situation all around or issues never being resolved after the counteroffer is accepted. Discuss your issues with management to see if both of you can find solutions beyond salary that will make your situation better.  

Moreover, you can do research on the other company to gauge how content you’ll be there. Go beyond social media and ask around in your network about the company you’re considering. You can even check the most recent news on the company for any red flags. Also, it would be beneficial to research their leadership team. What can you tell based on their work history, social media activity, and word of mouth in your network?  

If you’re thinking about accepting a counteroffer from your current company, review all the details from compensation and benefits to company culture and growth. Make the decision that has the most potential to bring you enduring happiness. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our cannabis staffing team  

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