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Industry Insights: Introducing the 2021 Cannabis Cultivation Salaries & Trends Report

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Projected to be valued at more than $350 billion by 2027, cultivation is easily the fastest-growing segment of the global cannabis industry. Jobs in the cultivation sector include some of the highest paying positions in the industry, yet we’re also seeing vast opportunities for entry-level candidates. After so much positive feedback in response to our 2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide, we decided it was time to take a deeper dive into cannabis jobs and hiring trends in the cultivation sector to help our clients make informed business decisions and understand real-time changes in this dynamic industry. 

Cannabis employers and job seekers alike are wondering about the future of the cultivation industry, where the highest paying jobs are and what qualifications are necessary for the most popular cultivation positions. Our first-ever Cannabis Cultivation Salaries & Trends Report explores the answers to these questions in addition to reviewing the most in-demand positions in the cultivation industry and their associated salary ranges.  

Expansion and consolidation: cannabis cultivation industry trends

Our newest report starts with an overview of the trends we’re seeing in the cultivation sector and where the space is headed in the years to come. Expanding multi-state operators and the shift toward larger cultivation facilities is driving an increase in consolidation. Cannabis cultivation businesses are increasingly focused on improving the bottom line by maximizing production through scale, automation, labor division and specialization. 

Cannabis cultivation education is becoming increasingly popular

Formal education and training is a major competitive advantage for candidates seeking a top job in cannabis cultivation. Several leading universities are now offering degrees, certificates, programs and/or courses related to cultivation. 

An influx of talent from outside industries

A lack of qualified talent in the cannabis industry is driving an influx of talent from other industries, agriculture being the most popular when it comes to the cultivation segment. Talent is increasingly entering the cultivation industry from agricultural giants like Bayer, John Deere and Cargill. 

Scrutiny for sustainability in the cannabis industry

Just as there has been a steep increase in consumer awareness regarding how food is sourced and its production practices, cannabis is subject to the same scrutiny. Sustainable, energy efficient cultivation practices is an important metric for consumers and allows growers to meet regulatory standards with ease and maintain their competitive edge. 

On-demand cannabis cultivation talent

Utilizing on-demand cultivation talent is one of the most efficient ways for cannabis companies to scale their cultivation operations quickly and save costs, hiring as seasonal and other needs dictate. Cultivation operations rely on on-demand talent services to assist with special projects and compensate for staff out on medical or family leave. In 2021, more cannabis companies turned to outside consultants for short term projects as a method to tap top talent and experience in a cost-effective manner.

Our goal is to empower cannabis job seekers and employers to negotiate fair compensation for top talent in the cannabis industry. The cultivation job market has never been hotter, and we look forward to our continued role in placing exceptional cultivation talent at the cannabis industry’s leading companies.

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