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How to Write the Best Cover Letter for Cannabis Jobs

Cannabis Job Cover Letter

Most people dread writing cover letters. Whenever you write one, you are probably searching for cover letter examples to help you Frankenstein one together for a job you are eyeing. At times, you may be tempted to use a variation of one you have already written, which is not recommended. If you are looking for a cannabis job, we can guide you through the process of writing an exceptional cover letter. Our guide on how to write the best cover letter for cannabis jobs will break down the process into easily digestible chunks. Whether you are looking to jump into the cannabis industry or are making a move from one marijuana company to another, our tips will boost your chances of starting your cannabis career.  

write a new cannabis cover letter

Write a New Cover Letter for Each Cannabis Job 

Do not use cover letter examples almost word-for-word or past cover letters no matter how inviting the temptation is. Writing a new cover letter will help you focus on a specific position and company. Cannabis employers want to see that you are excited about the role they are offering. Now, can you recycle a couple of solid sentences from past cover letters? That is perfectly fine. However, be cautious of sending a generic letter. You want to express how you have used your most relative skills and showcase your passion for the role. For those applying to several cannabis jobs, spread out when you write each cover letter. The process of writing a new cover letter will allow you to take inventory of what you can offer the cannabis business, analyze what they are looking for, and learn more about the company. 

cannabis cover letter tips

5 Tips for How to Write a Cover Letter for a Cannabis Job  

Go Beyond Your Resume 

One of the most notable tips on how to write a cover letter for cannabis jobs is to not restate what is on your resume. Being repetitive could send your application straight to the trash. Expand on what you say in your resume to give the cannabis employer a more comprehensive picture of your accomplishments. Of course, you will have to pick and choose which bullet points to expand. Therefore, choose resume bullet points that highlight skills and experience that can help the cannabis company. Here are a couple of questions to support you in elaborating on your bullet notes:  

What was your approach to executing one of the major responsibilities?  

What are the essential details that help you tell a short story about one of your resume bullet points?  

How did your mindset, passion, or drive help in getting a specific task done?

Highlight the Right Skills and Experiences 

Thoroughly research the cannabis company you are focusing on. In addition, you will want to analyze the cannabis job and the expectations for the position. When choosing which bullet notes from your resume to expand upon, pick ones that align with the role. Usually, when companies write job descriptions, they list the top requirements and skills first. Describe how you can deliver on the cannabis position’s primary responsibilities. You may even use tools like WordCloud or Find Keyword, allowing you to see what words stand out in the job description. Often, employers will include specific keywords in the job description so that they may pop up in the right search queries.   

Include Statistical Success from Past Positions  

Quantifiable success is crucial for both your cannabis job cover letter and resume. Even if you did not work in positions where success can immediately be reflected by numbers, you can still include statistics that show your impactful contribution. It may be something as easy as explaining that you implemented a strategy bumping up cannabis dispensary sales by 25%. On the other hand, you may have to get creative. For example, you can state how many times per week you contacted clients through various channels to show drive and flexibility. Even if you dealt with people more than figures in your last position, you could include your statistical impact. Think about how often you do something or the timeframe in which you completed a complex task without sacrificing quality. The bottom line is that numbers and statistics will make your resume and cover letter more appealing.   

Consider Including Testimonials  

Incredible feedback from clients, co-workers, or managers should be considered for your cannabis industry cover letter. However, you want to weave it into the content in a way that feels natural. Dropping in a full testimonial will seem out of place. You want to paraphrase the testimonial, so it fits in well instead of using the full quote. It should be quick and precise. For example, you can say something along these lines: “I displayed leadership skills that made my manager comment on how he would bet on me if my path led me to become an NFL coach.”   

Write a Gripping First Line 

The best movies grab your attention from the very beginning. Little to no time is wasted to get you focused on the story. That goes the same for your cover letter. Yes, it is permissible to mention the cannabis job you are applying for and stick to something simple in your introduction. However, you should make the first line interesting. You have a variety of ways to start, so choose wisely. Here are some ideas to get you started: use an interesting fact about yourself, mention a captivating statistic, use humor, state an enthusiastic observation about the company, or mention a pain point your skills and experience can address.   

marijuana cover letter structure

Cover Letter Structure  

An essential focus for how to write a cover letter is structure. Using structure for your cannabis cover letter will make it easy to follow. Best practices for writing a cover letter utilizes a framework that includes the following: 


In your header, include your full name, phone number, email address, and date. You may also include your LinkedIn profile link and a portfolio link if applicable.   


As we have mentioned, start your cannabis cover letter with a gripping first line. Hook the hiring manager in with humor, a fascinating statistic, an interesting observation, or another attention-grabber. After grabbing the hiring manager’s attention, mention 2 to 3 of your achievements that are relevant to the position. Then, state why you believe you would be the ideal fit for the cannabis job in one sentence to end the introduction. You will see this approach in many cover letter examples. Also, if you know the hiring manager’s name, use it to start off the letter.   


First, you should explain why your skills and experience make you the best option. Learn what the most important requirements for the cannabis job are. How do you fulfill the requirements in the cannabis job description?  The body of your cover letter should highlight how your skills and experience will allow you to deliver on the top priorities of the cannabis company. If you do not have any strong relative experience, lean more on your skills.  

Next, you want to show that you are a great fit for the company culture. Look at the company’s social media platforms–sites like Glassdoor–and the company website to get a feel for what the company culture is like. Figure out what you like about the company and display that through in the body. Perhaps, you are passionate about their full-organic approach to producing cannabis products or the way they nurture creativity with team-building exercises. Whatever it may be, make it known in the body paragraph(s).  


Your cover letter conclusion should be short and sweet. If you have anything else to say that didn’t quite fit in the categories of skills, experience, or company culture, mention it here. Also, make sure you thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration. Finally, end with a call to action. For example, you can invite the cannabis hiring manager to further discuss how you can help the company achieve its goals or reach out to you for additional information.  

cover letter voice cannabiz

Get the Right Voice and Tone 

When you write a cover letter for a cannabis job, you do not want to sound exceedingly formal, yet you also do not want to sound too laid back. Write in a friendly but professional tone to avoid sounding robotic. Additionally, it would help to write in the cannabis company’s voice. Study their social media presence, website, and company culture to capture their voice. Writing in the cannabis company’s voice will make it feel more personalized. Also, hold back from being too enthusiastic about the role. Filling the cannabis industry cover letter with adverbs may make it seem phony.   

different cannabis careers

Different Cannabis Careers, Different Formats 

Just because you know the standard format for cover letters does not mean you have to use it. If you want to take a different angle for one of your cannabis job cover letters or want to do some A/B testing, consider alternative formats. More traditional companies will want the standard three-to-five-paragraph format. However, there are plenty of non-traditional cannabis companies out there. Not to mention, there are many creative cannabis jobs where a unique cover letter would be more appreciated. You can use slight variations from the traditional format. For example, you can include bullet points, bold words, or images. Also, you can go with significant derivations from the standard, including anything from videos to infographics.   

cannabis cover letter example

Cover Letter Example for a Cannabis Job 

There are a ton of cannabis jobs available out there. So, you are going to end up writing plenty of cover letters to go with your resume. Here is one cannabis industry cover letter example you can refer to when you find yourself stuck in the writing process.  


Dear Hiring Manager (use name if you know it),  

As a kid, I wanted to be Batman. However, after learning that it would be expensive and extremely dangerous, I searched for another way to help people. Luckily, I found out that I am passionate about recruiting. I have experience working for the largest recruiting firm in the nation and have put together over 200 teams with thousands of applicants in the past several years. Also, I believe in the healing qualities of cannabis, as it helped me deal with injuries and continues to help lessen the stress of everyday life. My enthusiasm for both cannabis and helping people find purposeful careers, along with my extensive experience in staffing, make me a true fit for your innovative cannabis company.  


I have nearly a decade of experience working as a recruiter, seeking, interviewing, and assessing candidates to match them with the right companies across various industries. During my time recruiting for Company X, I was responsible for developing recruitment strategies, which helped the firm make 12% more placements compared to the previous year. Strategies include autonomous video interviews, screening questions that involve company culture, and the creation of comprehensive company profiles. Additionally, I developed and optimized job descriptions that attracted more diverse candidates. Overall, this led 82% of our first-time clients to return for repeat business.   

Some companies are in the market solely for money. However, I believe your company is passionate about cannabis and the good it can do for people. I truly admire your partnership with the Last Prisoner Project. Our passion for cannabis aligns, as I want to help the industry grow companies and teams that are diverse, progressive, and effective in delivering safe products that nurture people. I am experienced in making mutually beneficial connections and assisting my team when cross-marketing opportunities arise. My current organization awarded me Recruiter of the Month seven times, reflecting my willingness to succeed for the company, not as an individual.   


I believe in the “always be helping” mission over the “always be closing” mantra. After all, recruiting is about helping people find careers and purpose. I hope we can further discuss what I can bring to the table in more detail.  Please feel free to contact me at or (555)-555-5555. Thank you for your time! 

John Doe 

Now Go Write! 

You know what you need to write a captivating cover letter to grab the attention of cannabis employers. Now, all you have to do is write it! It can help to chunk the parts, so it does not feel too overwhelming. If you are looking for more cannabis jobs, head to our job board. If you are looking to refresh your cannabis resume, head here. Happy job hunting! 

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