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11 Best Cannabis Products to Relax on Labor Day Weekend

labor day weekend cannabis products buyers guide

Labor Day is a holiday that observes the achievements of persevering and driven American workers everywhere. The holiday was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century, becoming a federal holiday in 1894. Today, Labor Day is celebrated across the US with picnics, barbecues, parades, and more. So, why not add some cannabis into the mix? After all, cannabis and CBD products tend to elevate any event. We’ve rounded up some amazing cannabis products to help you celebrate your individual and collective achievements in the workplace. Whether you hold one of the 400,000+ cannabis jobs in the space or you’re in another industry, we appreciate your hard work. End your summer with cannabis products that will help you relax into the fall season as easy as the sun sets. 

Binske cannabis vape carts

Binske Vape Carts 

Binske’s award-winning vape carts are now available in California in time for Labor Day Weekend. Binske vape carts are made from ceramic for better taste, improved vapor, and superior heat-resistance. Choose from various offerings, including the following: sativa-dominant variety Tropicanna Cookies; hybrids Cherry Banana, Apple Fritter, and Cherry Sunrize; and an indica-leaning Santa Monica Sunset. Grab your carts today and taste the quality.   

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The Pass Berkshires cherry gummies

The Pass Hash Rosin Gummies  

Forget less is more. The Pass’ hash rosin gummies combine the benefits of solventless, full-spectrum hash rosin with mouth-watering cherry to make a truly unique edible experience. These full-spectrum hash rosin gummies provide a well-rounded high that will satisfy your mind, body, and taste buds.  

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Auntie Aloha cannabis gummies

Auntie Aloha Cannabis Infused Fruit Gummies 

Can’t stand the standard flavors of gummies? We feel you. Auntie Aloha provides a tropical twist to the edibles menu. Packing 100mg THC total per bag, these tasty gummies will help you chill out. They come in a variety of flavors, including Hawaiin Guava Haze, OG Lava Flow, Pakalolo Pog, and Lilikoi Citrus Buzz. Elevate your fun this Labor Day Weekend and bring Hawaiin flavors to your palate!   

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Grön Pips Chocolate

Grön Pips Chocolate Pieces 

The microdose friendly Pips Chocolate Pieces provide a delectable, sweet candy crunch. The perfect snack for cannabis edible fans is infused with 5mg THC and is available in various cannabinoid ratios. Grab a bag of these bite-size edibles and spend Labor Day up in the clouds. Each bag contains 20 Pips, so grab a handful to last for the long weekend! 

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Keith Haring cannabis rolling tray

Higher Standards K. Haring Tray 

Keith Haring’s art and cannabis are the perfect duo. This tray is a piece of art that is built for rolling and mixing material. However, once you reach the clouds, it becomes food for your thoughts and ideas. It’s covered with clear white glass and the underside features Haring’s signature. Enjoy this iconic Haring artwork every time you roll one up.  

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Kanha smores cannabis edibles

Kanha Cannabis Infused Hybrid Chocolates S’Mores 

Delicious chocolate and puffy marshmallows bookended by two crunchy graham crackers. S’mores are a classic treat. And now Kanha is bringing that snack to you with a cannabis twist. Kanha’s experts source their cacao beans from Ecuador, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast, turning them into an incredible Belgian milk chocolate infused with top-tier hybrid cannabis oil. Each piece packs 10mg of THC. Whether you’re on an outdoor adventure or just relaxing at home, these treats will help you wind down.  

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cannabis infused agave syrup

Smokiez Infused Agave Syrup 

With a glycemic index that is 40% or lower than refined sugar, agave nectar is a healthier option for a sweetener. Choose from the following flavors: chocolate, maple, vanilla, and natural. The syrup is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and made with USDA-Certified agave. Use it to create many delicious treats for this Labor Day Weekend, including lemonade, candied maple bacon, and flourless fudge brownies.  

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Tasetology cannabis Infused Chews

Tasteology Watermelon Waves Chews  

If you want to go with the flow this Labor Day Weekend, Tasteology Watermelon Waves Cannabis Chews are for you. Bite into the refreshing watermelon taste packed with 10mg of THC to help you ease into relaxation. The sour watermelon taste will remind you of your carefree childhood where recess and after-school video games were everything. Grab a pack today! 

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joint rolling machine

The BEED Machine 

The BEED Machine is the only fully automated gadget capable of producing a “single fresh join in 20 seconds.” It extracts contents from a BEED capsule, presenting a rolled fresh join with a single push of a button. It’s like a cannabis Keurig. Pick from a variety of capsules: Be Productive, Be Social, Be Active, Be Relaxed, and many more! THC % per capsule ranges from 10% to over 40%.  

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Tsumo Snacks x Roy Choi

Tsumo Snacks X Roy Choi 

Chef Roy Choi is well-known for food fusions. Many have heard of his popular Mexican/Korean gourmet food truck, Kogi. Also, you might have seen his recipes in the New York Times! You can’t go wrong with Roy Choi’s cannabis-infused Tsumo snacks for Labor Day Weekend. Try the chef’s first line of cannabis-infused edibles. There are two delicious flavors to choose from: Spaghetti & Meatballs and Spicy Cheese Ramen.   

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wavy mini bong

YewYew Shop Wavy Mini Bong 

YewYew’s Wavy Mini Bong creates just the right “not-so-big” hit. The work of art can be used for social gatherings or solo sessions when you need to unwind at home. The aesthetically pleasing bong will definitely help you reach a euphoric state of mind. Treat yourself to this packable bong this Labor Day Weekend. It will surely tie the room together.   

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Our cannabis staffing agency hopes you have a relaxing Labor Day Weekend! Whether you’re in the cannabis industry or not, we hope you find some cannabis treats on this list to help you celebrate the end of summer.

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