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How to Land Cannabis Industry Jobs in the COVID-19 Era

Cannabis job seeker doing a video interview outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are living in one of the worst labor markets in the past several years thanks to the pandemic. Since the pandemic began in the U.S., around 22 million people lost their jobs. And, although people have been regaining jobs recently, a majority of the 22 million are still unemployed. Despite those intimidating numbers, many employers, including those in the cannabis industry, are still hiring. However, the cannabis job landscape is different than it was earlier in 2020. An open position in the industry may attract hundreds of applications. Not to mention, hiring needs are changing as well, as the pandemic has shifted things around. To help you adjust to the new landscape, we’ll cover how to land cannabis industry jobs in the COVID-19 era.  CannabizTeam video call meeting

Create Clear Goals 

The last thing you want to do is aimlessly roam cannabis industry job boards not knowing what your goals are. By doing so, you may land a cannabis job that you realize isn’t the right fit for you–causing you to restart your journey or stay at a position that doesn’t entice your moral purpose enough. Sit down and brainstorm what your career goals are and set a path to reach them. Be sure to define your career goals and solidify the roles you’re going for and the culture fit that suits you best. By doing so, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what you want and can articulate it to recruiters. And, by honing in on what type of cannabis job you want, you’ll be able to search for roles where you are more likely to find success. 

Be Flexible About Working Remotely

According to a Stanford interview, 42% of the U.S. labor force is now working from home. To land cannabis industry jobs in the COVID-19 era, you have to be flexible about working remotely. Social distancing measures are still in place and will be for a while, as the pandemic continues to challenge our community. So, working remotely has to be accepted. Additionally, you also have to be flexible about jobs that still have you come into the office a couple of times a week. Some cannabis employers will have their staff come in for a few meetings per week with the proper precautions. Your willingness to be flexible about work location is a big plus, giving you a chance to be considered for more positions in the cannabis industry.

Prepare For Virtual Interviews

To land cannabis industry jobs during the COVID-19 era, you’ll need to be prepared for virtual interviews through platforms like Zoom. You should do standard preparation, such as researching the company, going over the position’s duties and responsibilities, and looking through the company’s social channels. Additionally, you should review common and behavioral interview questions. However, you should also add practicing online interviews to your routine. There are a variety of techniques to perfect for online interviews. It’s best to practice good posture and body language to show that you’re engaged, which will also boost your confidence. Make sure you speak loud and clear and at a steady pace in case there’s any lag time. Also, look at the camera (not the screen) as often as you can, as that simulates eye contact. Lastly, we recommend that you dress the part. Wearing the appropriate attire will also increase your confidence in addition to showcasing your professionalism. 

Elevate Your Cannabis Education

More and more cannabis employers are looking for candidates who have cannabis training/education. The opportunities to gain the proper knowledge about marijuana are there, so it’s best to take them and elevate your mind. During the COVID-19 era, it’s easier to find the spare time to take a cannabis course or complete a certificate. Cannabis is a remarkably complex plant and learning how it works within your body is crucial to promoting and advertising it. Understanding the plant, the culture, and the benefits is imperative to finding success in the space. Not to mention, there are several courses and programs that provide you with information on selling and marketing cannabis products, as well as making sure you’re aligning with regulations. Gaining cannabis education will give you an edge when cannabis employers are reviewing resumes. Green Flower Media, a global leader in cannabis education, has a variety of courses to choose from, including cannabis fundamentals, medical, cultivation, and patient care programs.

Network, Network, Network

Networking, especially through LinkedIn and similar platforms, is essential to land cannabis industry jobs in the COVID-19 era. Join professional cannabis groups on social media, reconnect with past co-workers, and see where your friends currently work and reach out. People will post job opportunities on their personal LinkedIn profiles or Facebook feeds, so it’s beneficial to add friends, acquaintances, and even people with careers you admire. You may also reach out to individuals at cannabis companies that interest you. However, make sure you build real relationships and show the utmost respect. Additionally, attend virtual cannabis events or webinars, as many of them are free. You can get the names of speaker and panel representatives and their companies so you can email them. Offer feedback, ask questions, or thank them and introduce yourself to break the ice. Putting yourself out there is essential to expanding your network

Update Your Social Media Profiles 

Just like you check up on a cannabis company’s social media channels, they will review yours. Make sure your public social media profiles are appropriate but do not regulate them so much that your unique characteristics are diluted. Your goal in editing your social media profiles is to hone in on presenting your personal brand. What are your interests? What do you believe? Contribute to cannabis discussions on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook with thoughtful and respectful comments. It also wouldn’t hurt to join groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Since cannabis employers might not get a chance to meet you in person, they’ll likely do a deeper dive into your social media to learn more about you to see if there’s a culture fit. If you need assistance looking for cannabis industry jobs in the COVID-19 era, CannabizTeam can help. Our seasoned recruiters are ready to assist you in finding anything from an entry-level cannabis job to a cannabis career. Don’t hesitate to reach out today at

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