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Top 7 Cannabis Job Video Interview Tips

video interview tips for cannabis jobs

Video interviews for cannabis jobs and opportunities in other industries have become a part of the status quo. According to Robert Half, 49% of companies overall are holding video interviews. They’re convenient, they save you gas, and they allow everyone to have more scheduling flexibility. If you’re on the hunt for a cannabis industry job, it’s highly likely that you’ll do a video interview at some point. They may seem easier, but there are plenty of differences between an in-person interview and a video interview that may throw you off your game.   

As with anything else, preparation is key. If you haven’t done a video interview yet or want to brush up on your video interview skills, we can help. There are distinct nuances you need to take into consideration when preparing for a video job interview, so let’s take a look to help you present your best self and wow the crowd!   

video interview for cannabis job

Sustain Good Eye Contact & Body Language 

In a traditional interview, the task is simple: look at your interviewer in the eyes. However, for a video interview, you have to look at the camera. It can be easy for your eyes to wander elsewhere, so practice looking at the camera. If this becomes a challenge for you, try putting a post-it next to the camera and draw an arrow pointing to it. In the world of video interviews, this is virtual eye contact. Also, try to keep your face centered throughout the interview.  

When you’re doing a traditional interview, body language is taken into account, whether consciously or subconsciously. The same goes for video interviews. They may not be able to see your entire body, but they can still see your body language. For any of your interviews for cannabis jobs, make an effort to stay still, maintain good posture, and keep your arms mostly resting on your lap or desk. If you talk with your hands, that’s great! Just make sure they’re not going all over the place all the time or blocking the camera. These two video interview tips alone are huge, so practice, practice, practice.   

cannabis job video interview

Project and Pause When Answering Cannabis Interview Questions 

Your mic might not pick up everything, so make sure to project your voice for the cannabis job video interview. Enunciate your words and slow down a bit in case there’s some lag time. Avoid screaming, but speak at a volume that’s a little higher than normal. Additionally, pausing before each answer is ideal. Again, there may be lag time, so pause for a few seconds in case technology needs to catch up. Take it further and note where your mic is on your computer or laptop so you can angle yourself toward during the interview. For example, a MacBook has a built-in mic at the top of the screen near the camera.   

cannabis job video interview tech test

Test Your Technology Before the Cannabis Job Interview 

Before your cannabis job video interview, test your tech. Ensure everything is working correctly for the big day. Check to see that your camera, microphone, and Internet connection are working well. Also, make sure you know what video meeting platform the company is using—you may have to download an app or plugin. You’ll want to do the interview on your desktop or laptop; however, download the app on your smartphone as well as a backup. It’s also a good idea to double-check your username to make sure it’s professional. It’s best to do the tech check a day before, but also be sure to jump on early so you can handle any unforeseen obstacles.   

cannabis job video interview attire

Dress for the Cannabis Job Video Interview from Head to Toe 

Interviews for cannabis industry jobs may be more casual, but that doesn’t mean you should get too comfortable with what you wear. Looking sharp will help you make a stellar first impression and also boost your confidence. If you look good, you’ll feel good. The newscaster trick of only dressing the top half of yourself is too risky, so dress for success from head to toe. If you get up to grab something during the video interview, you can do so without having to struggle to hide your pajama bottoms. Remember to avoid bright or flashy colors. You may also benefit from wearing your outfit for your video interview test runs so you can get comfortable in it.   

distraction-free video interview space

Set Up a Distraction-Free Video Interview Space 

A video job interview for any cannabis job can go south fast if you’re set up in a place with distractions galore. Make every effort to choose a location free from various distractions, including pets, roommates, and kids. Tell the people you live with that you won’t be available for a certain amount of time due to your cannabis job interview. Also, ensure your video job interview area is clean—the background should be plain and clutter-free. Set up lighting that illuminates your face well but isn’t too harsh, or use natural light if possible. Close all unnecessary tabs on your computer and turn off programs that might slow down your connection during the video interview. Lastly, set your smartphone to silent and turn off notifications. You want to give your full attention to the hiring manager so set yourself up for success.  

practicing video interview for cannabis jobs

Practice Cannabis Job Interview Questions Through Video with a Friend 

Before the big day, set up a couple of times to practice your cannabis job interview via the video platform you’ll be using. Familiarize yourself with how everything works and practice eye contact and mannerisms that show you’re engaged. You can even record the practice video interview and watch it to adjust your approach. Video interviews for cannabis jobs will have you answering plenty of basic questions. However, you should also prepare for behavioral job interview questions. It’s recommended that you do the practice video interviews in your interview outfit to accurately simulate how the session will feel. You can get valuable feedback from your friend by asking them the following questions: Did I seem nervous? Could you understand what I was saying? Was there anything wrong with the video connection? Was I looking into the camera?

show appreciation for video interview

Close Any Video Interview for Cannabis Jobs by Showing Appreciation 

At the close of the interview, don’t forget to show your appreciation. Thank the interviewee(s) for taking the time to chat with you and learn about your background and story. Afterward, you can close by briefly summarizing why you’re an ideal match for the position and company culture. Also, include something the hiring manager mentioned to personalize your closing words. You can also follow up with a thank-you email within 24 hours after the cannabis job interview.   

Landing one of the many cannabis jobs out there can be challenging. However, if you stick to these video interview tips, you should have a good chance of getting a phone call back with good news on the other end.   


Video Interviews for Cannabis Jobs FAQs

  1. Can you look at your notes in a video job interview? Yes, it’s acceptable to look at your notes for a cannabis job video interview. However, we advise that you don’t rely heavily on your notes. Use them as a guide, but don’t read off of your notecards.
  2. What shouldn’t you do in a video interview? Do not be too casual during the interview, and do not choose a place with loud noises. Also, don’t skip doing a tech test and don’t be late. 
  3. How do you dress for a video interview? Stay away from bright colors or dark colors. Stick to safe, professional choices, like blue, gray, and brown. Any busy prints will be too distracting.

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