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6 Tips For Personal Branding In The Cannabis Industry

Personal Branding In The Cannabis Industry

There are many cannabis jobs to choose from, especially since the industry continues to expand steadily. However, your chances for landing one are slim if you don’t define your personal brand. You want to construct a brand that reflects your beliefs, skills, and experience so you can market the best version of yourself. Personal branding in the cannabis industry is pivotal to making connections and ultimately finding your place in the space. 

When hiring recruiters are reviewing candidate profiles and interview notes, they remember personal brands that stand out. To help you earn one of the many cannabis jobs available in the industry, we have some tips to help you shape your personal brand. By following our advice, you’ll be on your way to presenting yourself in the best light possible in the digital world. 

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Discover Yourself 

Start with a brainstorm map to hone in on your personality, beliefs, passions, and values. Take your time with this process, as this will be the root of your personal brand. You may also consider getting input from others, so you can get an idea of the personality you’re projecting. Ask family, friends, and even acquaintances to write down a few words about how they perceive you. You may find positives about yourself that you were unaware of. Next, you’ll want to study the brands of premier cannabis industry organizations you admire. Note their mission statements and stories. Find how your personality and beliefs relate to some of the top cannabis businesses. Then, use the traits and beliefs that match up to start creating your personal brand. After that, you’ll be ready to make the first significant step in personal branding in the cannabis industry: forming your pitch. Your pitch statement encompasses your values, skills, experience, and personality in a short, concise description. This statement will be the driving force behind marketing yourself. 

Pick a Focus

Master chess players reached the pinnacle level of the game by practicing 728 to 16,120 hours, according to research by cognitive psychologists Fernand Gobet and Guillermo Campitelli. As much as you may want to, you can’t be an expert at everything. In personal branding in the cannabis industry, you have to choose a focus. What do you want to be known for? Besides, there isn’t enough time to tackle everything. Building your personal brand means sticking to one theme and crafting your story around it. Become an expert in your lane, so you can start sharing your opinions and building yourself up to become a thought leader within your niche. By choosing the appropriate lane, you can focus your time and energy on a cannabis niche you’re passionate about. Find your focus to enhance your personal branding in the cannabis industry, and evolve into an expert. 

Showcase What You Bring To The Table

Yes, cannabis companies want to review your skills, experience, and values. However, they also want to know how you use all those tools to make a difference. Project what you can bring to the table and do so consistently. Show the world, and cannabis employers, what makes you their missing puzzle piece. Your resume, cover letter, and the interviews you earn are all opportunities to showcase how you can contribute to a cannabis company. However, you can also express this by attending conferences, joining cannabis groups, networking, and creating meaningful cannabis posts on your social channels. Think about personal branding beyond your resume, and expand your reach. You never know who’s looking at your activity in the virtual world, so stay true to your theme and story and project your knowledge. 

Make Connections 

Whether you’re interacting with people in the cannabis community in person or online, making genuine connections is essential. When you’re being interviewed or chatting with someone in a webinar or conference, find a way to connect with them, and be authentic. By being authentic, not only will you be more confident, but your passions and your personal brand will shine through. Additionally, when you post about cannabis on social media, leave thoughtful comments, and hold civil conversations. By investing the time to craft quality posts and responses, your personal brand will be evident. That is why it’s so important to discover yourself and choose your focus within cannabis. When companies dig into your social media channels or review interview notes, they will see how well your values align with their own. Remember, the dream job is the one where your beliefs and culture match the company. Joining social media groups that align with your personal brand will benefit you as well. Stay active on cannabis groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and connect with like-minded individuals. Grow your network and spread your personal brand in the cannabis industry by connecting with the right people. 

Define Your Audience & Speak To Them

By defining your audience, you’ll know who you want to attract. As mentioned earlier, you have to pick a focus. Along with that focus, you have to speak to a particular audience. And, cannabis companies who share a similar audience will gravitate toward your personal brand. Determine your top skills that can help the cannabis industry along with what you’re passionate about in the space. By doing so, you’ll be able to define your audience and build a connection with them. Ditch talking about yourself–speak to your audience. How are you going to change your audience’s lives? Why should they care about what you have to say? Also, when speaking to your audience, choose your channels wisely. Think about where your audience will be active the most–whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or something else. In defining your audience, you’ll have greater success in personal branding in the cannabis industry, attracting the right cannabis companies. And, you will potentially become a thought leader in the space in the long run. 

Follow Cannabis Leaders 

There are plenty of inspirational cannabis leaders out there to learn from. Follow them and analyze their posts. What is their focus? How are they contributing to the cannabis conversation? There’s always an opportunity to learn, so learn from cannabis leaders with mindsets that align with your own. It would also be helpful to interact with their posts as well, so you can communicate with people who are potentially a part of your audience. Not to mention, you can find some of the most inspirational cannabis leaders on cannabis podcasts–like The Aim Higher Podcast. Subscribe and tune in to explore their minds and learn about how they project their personal brand. The point is not to mimic these cannabis leaders but to find inspiration in their personal branding techniques. 

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