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5 Benefits of Cannabis Industry Outplacement Services

Former employee getting help finding a cannabis job with outplacement services

Losing your job can feel like a car crash. After it happens, the impact resonates in your bones and the feeling lingers. Suddenly, you’re cut from your second family and have to scramble to produce a game plan to stay afloat while you seek another opportunity. During trying times, some cannabis employers have to make the difficult decision to lay off employees. Both parties are rightfully somber during the process, but it doesn’t have to end after an exit interview and handshake. Cannabis employers can tap into cannabis industry outplacement services to ensure their former employees receive the best support. With outplacement services, outgoing employees will receive job placement resources, resume analysis, and interview training and preparation. They will also receive personal guidance throughout the entire job search process.

There are many instances where cannabis employers have to let go of incredible talent. Cannabis industry outplacement services will allow your former cannabis employees to transition to the next chapter smoothly. Our cannabis executive search and staffing firm believes in doing all you can for those who have done so much for you. Consider the benefits of cannabis industry outplacement services and decide whether it’s the right option for your cannabis company. 

1. Assist Former Employees in Finding Work Quicker

When you’re laid off, you feel isolated and alone, and the melancholy feeling can spread like a virus throughout every facet of your life. According to Carl Van Horn, PhD, an expert on workforce and unemployment, “losing a job and being unemployed for a long period of time is a psychological trauma and a financial trauma, and the two are closely intertwined.” Through cannabis industry outplacement services, cannabis companies can help outgoing employees find work faster. 

Yes, your outgoing cannabis employees may receive unemployment benefits or severance packages, which may include medical coverage. However, this will cost your cannabis company money. So, the quicker your former employees find work, the more frugal your cannabis company will be. With cannabis industry outplacement services, professionals will help speed up the process of making the transition out of unemployment. By helping your outgoing employees find cannabis jobs quicker through outplacement services, both parties benefit. 

2. Lower Stress Levels for Outgoing Employees

A cannabis company can easily do nothing past providing a severance package or unemployment checks. However, that’s usually not enough for outgoing employees to deal with the daunting road of the unknown that lies ahead. According to a study by the University of East Anglia, which surveyed over 4,000 people, getting let go from a job has the most significant impact on your mental well-being.

Through cannabis industry outplacement services, outgoing employees will benefit from having more tools to deal with the seemingly treacherous road of unemployment. More support will alleviate stress for your former employees so they can preserve their confidence in their skills. Additionally, you’ll create a positive outlook for your company in terms of handling layoffs. A cannabis company that goes the extra mile to help former employees find their next cannabis jobs speaks highly to that company’s morals. Additionally, when your former employees move on to their next organizations, there’s a higher chance to make positive connections with the companies they end up in. 

3. Maintain Company Morale

By utilizing cannabis industry outplacement services for your exiting employees, you will maintain company morale. Without it, your existing employees will feel anxious about the layoffs that occurred, increasing their potential to leave. The purpose of a layoff is to be frugal and boost productivity for the company. However, remaining employees who fear losing their cannabis jobs often do not take it well. An additional 2.6% of the workforce will leave voluntarily after a layoff. That is five times more workers that leave voluntarily than those who experience layoffs.

Preventing an exodus is imperative to sustain the success of your cannabis company. The war of talent is never-ending, and the last thing you want is for a competitor to grab some of your best cannabis employees. Layoffs can be frightening for your team, as they will fear being let go at any moment with no remorse. By using cannabis industry outplacement services, you’ll provide a sense of comfort for both your outgoing employees and current ones. Additionally, showing you truly care for your employees will increase loyalty and inspire your team to be more driven to help the company reach its goals. 

4. Preserve Your Company’s Reputation

Word of mouth is still as powerful as ever. Although it’s possible to salvage a cannabis company’s poor reputation, it will take loads of time and effort. Cannabis industry outplacement services will help you prevent negative talk about your company. You run the risk of your former cannabis employees heading to sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed to post negative reviews after being laid off. 

Utilizing cannabis industry outplacement services, you’ll decrease the potential of outgoing employees giving your company negative reviews. Some of them might even go out of their way to mention how it was a pleasure to work for your company despite the layoff. Providing your outgoing employees with a comprehensive service to find their next cannabis job shows how much you care, preserving or even improving your cannabis company’s reputation. Of course, doing it because it’s the right thing to do is what comes first. Safeguarding your organization’s reputation is a perk to doing the right thing. 

5. Decrease the Potential for Lawsuits 

Layoffs don’t always lead to lawsuits, but when they do, they can get messy. In the growing cannabis industry, dealing with lawsuits on top of everyday business can be disastrous. The potential for lawsuits after layoffs also increases during a health crisis. According to Law 360, firings are the most common pandemic-related complaint with a far second being safety and compliance. 

Presenting your outgoing cannabis employees with cannabis industry outplacement services will reduce the potential of lawsuits. By providing your transitioning cannabis employees with what they need, including interview coaching, promotion of their skills, and personalized job matching, they’ll see you empathize with their situation. And by supporting them in their transition, they understand clearly that the layoff is not personal. They may know it’s not personal, but they still might take it personally. So providing them with a bridge to the next opportunity is ideal. 

CT Outplacement Services 

Our cannabis executive search and staffing firm provides comprehensive outplacement services to support your exiting employees. We can help outgoing staff find cannabis jobs, refine their interview skills, write resumes, and more. CannabizTeam can help talent find cannabis executive jobs, full-time roles, and temp positions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. 

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