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Top 15 Budtender Interview Questions

top budtender interview questions

One of the best entry-level cannabis jobs is the budtender position. Taking inspiration from the bartender role, a budtender is a customer liaison with deep knowledge of all cannabis products presented in the shop. If you want to start your career in the cannabis industry, landing a job as a budtender at your local dispensary is one of the best places to start.  

To ace your cannabis job interview, you’ll need to practice your answers to an array of questions. In this guide, you’ll find the top budtender interview questions. Set time aside to think about your answers and how you can present them in a way that will present your personal brand in the best light. Preparing for your budtender interview will boost your confidence and increase your chances of landing the role, so let’s get started. 

general budtender interview questions

General Budtender Interview Questions 

The hiring manager will go through at least a few general interview questions to gauge your qualifications for the job. These questions will also help them get to know your working style and personality a little better. Some of them can be easily answered with a “yes” or “no,” but give them more insight beyond the straightforward response. These questions may be easier to answer, but they will set the tone for the interview, so be positive in your answers and show off your personality. Additionally, these questions give you an opportunity to shape your passion for cannabis. Here are some general budtender interview questions: 

Have you worked in the cannabis industry before? 

Why do you want to work at a cannabis dispensary? 

Describe your relationship with cannabis.  

What do you look for in a manager?  

What have you learned about the cannabis industry recently? 

budtender job skills

Cannabis Budtender Questions About Skills and Experience 

To land one of the budtender jobs at your local cannabis dispensary, you’ll need the right skills and experience. Although it’s beneficial to have cannabis retail experience, it isn’t necessary. Cannabis employers are looking for a combination of customer service experience, cannabis knowledge, and the skills to build rapport. Hiring managers are looking for individuals with relevant skills to carry out the budtender job duties and cannabis education to make appropriate, personalized customer recommendations. A cannabis industry certificate helps but learning about marijuana from quality free resources like Leafly is also a plus. Study the budtender job description and connect your skills and experiences to the duties and responsibilities mentioned. Here are some common budtender questions about skills and experience: 

What creates a good customer experience? 

How do you recommend cannabis edible dosing? 

What kind of cannabis education or certifications do you have? 

How do you make product suggestions? 

How do your skills match up with the main duties of the budtender job? 

budtender behavioral interview questions

Behavioral Budtender Interview Questions 

Behavioral budtender interview questions allow you to present your work mindset through examples and past scenarios. The hiring managers and employers want to know how you approach certain situations. It’s a chance for you to explain your customer service method, how you build rapport, and what you are like working as part of a team. They also want to know how you will do under pressure in the budtender role.

When answering behavioral interview questions for the budtender job, use the S.T.A.R technique: Situation, Task, Action, Result. First, discuss the scenario and provide the necessary details. Second, talk about the goal and the responsibilities you had to work toward it. Third, describe the actions you took to carry out the task and how you handled any issues along the way. If you’re discussing a group project, focus mostly on your contribution. Lastly, explain the positive results and don’t shy away from giving yourself some praise.  

How would you educate a customer about a cannabis product? 

Tell me about a time a customer complained and how you handled the situation.  

What would you do if you saw a customer stealing a cannabis product? 

Describe how you used time management to complete your daily tasks at a past retail position.  

What would you do if a customer disagrees with your product recommendation? 

practice budtender interview questions

How to Practice Answering Budtender Interview Questions  

A simple way to practice answering budtender interview questions is by using flashcards. Write down 10-15 of the most common questions on flashcards and shuffle them after each round. You can also jot down bullet notes on the back of each card to remind you of what you want to cover for each question. Additionally, you can record yourself answering the cannabis job questions. When you play the footage back, assess your body language and answers. Make sure you maintain good posture and eye contact and speak with confidence and clarity. Quizlet provides you with a simple and easy way to create and study flashcards online.  

Practicing solo is fine, but you can also ask a friend or family member to run a mock interview with you. Wear your job interview attire and go through all the questions in a quiet space with no distractions. Ask your friend or family member to feel free to mix the questions up and add some follow-up questions of their own. Afterward, ask them for honest feedback about your responses and body language. Recording the mock interview will also be beneficial. Like a professional athlete, watching the playback of yourself in action is the best way to catch and correct mistakes.  

budtender job duties

Job Duties of a Budtender 

An ideal budtender has extensive cannabis product knowledge and can make appropriate medical or recreational product suggestions. They should be personable and willing to educate customers about the variety of cannabis products in the dispensary. An exceptional budtender should also be aware of the latest developments in cannabis laws and regulations. Budtenders are the heart of any cannabis dispensary, as they are the main point of contact at the brick-and-mortar cannabis shop. Let’s take a look at what you do as a budtender and some of the common qualifications for the job.  

Budtender Job Duties 

  • Answer customer questions and ensure they are well-educated about the products they’re considering 
  • Make the right product suggestions to customers based on their preferences and budget 
  • Check customers’ IDs to verify legal age  
  • Process payments and ensure compliance with all transactions 
  • Meet or exceed sales goals and maintain product inventory 
  • Help with opening/closing of store as needed 


Budtender Job Qualifications 

  • Extensive knowledge of cannabis products, strains, and consumption types 
  • Proven customer service skills 
  • Retail experience is preferred 
  • Must be 21 years old 
  • Possess a state cannabis worker license, certification, or permit (where applicable) 
  • Must have a valid driver’s license or state ID  
  • Must pass any required background checks  


budtender interview questions sample answers

Sample Answers for Your Budtender Interview 

To help you get started forming your answers, we’re giving you a few sample answers for the most common budtender interview questions. Avoid copying these examples, but rather let them inspire you if you get stuck. In your search for budtender jobs, knowing how to explain your mindset and approach is pivotal.  

Why do you want to work at a dispensary as a Budtender? 

I have supported the cannabis movement for over a decade and want to contribute to the industry’s growth. I believe in the many benefits of cannabis and experienced them myself. Cannabis has been a part of my life for a while, as I use use it to maintain my mental well-being and use CBD in my post-workout recovery routine. Also, I want to help people discover the many benefits of cannabis. I want to help destroy the stigma built by the war on drugs so that cannabis can take its rightful place under the spotlight.   

How do you suggest cannabis products to customers? 

Before making a product suggestion, I would find out if the customer ever used cannabis before. Then, I would ask what they are using cannabis for. If they haven’t used marijuana, I would steer them to first-time-friendly products like THC-infused beverages. I would also ensure they start with low doses so they can see how their body reacts to it. If the customer has tried cannabis before, I would ask how they prefer to consume it, what type of high they like, and how high their tolerance is. From there, I can make suggestions based on their preferences, what’s popular, and what’s new. I would also ask them if they have any specific questions or if anything caught their eye.   

Explain how you handled a customer complaint in a past position.  

I worked as a waiter for three years, and there was one incident where a customer complained about not being able to use a coupon. The coupon expired two days ago, but the customer still wanted the discount. I kept my voice and demeanor calm and collected while the customer yelled at me. Despite their persistence, I stood my ground and did not accept the expired coupon. I gave them our latest coupon so they can use it next time. Eventually, the customer paid for the meal, took the new coupon, and left. For me, keeping my energy calm while continuing to be helpful allows me to diffuse tense situations.  

Looking to Start Your Cannabis Career?

According to Leafly’s report, there are around 280 cannabis jobs created daily. There are plenty of budtender jobs; however, that doesn’t mean you’ll land one easily. Do your dispensary research, edit your resume, write your cover letter, and practice your interview questions. The proper preparation will help boost your chances of landing a budtender job or any one of the other cannabis industry jobs out there. Head to our job board to find opportunities to get your cannabis career started.  

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