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10 Common Cannabis Job Interview Questions

common cannabis job interview questions

A job interview is like a verbal pop quiz, making it intimidating for many people. However, with the proper preparation, you can conquer your interview fears and prevail. Not knowing what questions will be asked is the biggest challenge. Unfortunately, we’re not mind-readers. However, we can provide you with the most common cannabis job interview questions. Study the interview questions carefully, fill in ideal answers, and practice them out loud to boost your confidence. From customer service (dispensary budtender) to management roles and beyond, there are plenty of cannabis jobs available out there. Therefore, practicing these common questions will help you land one.  

cannabis job interview questions review

Cannabis Job Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself

Typically, this is the first question asked in any interview, including one for a cannabis industry job. Anyone in the industry from marijuana budtenders to cannabis executives ran into this question. You do not have to explain your complete employment history. What you want to do instead is give a compelling pitch explaining why you’re the perfect fit for the open cannabis position. Remember, always keep the answer to this question precise and focused. Discuss your current role, give some background information leading up to it, and segue into why you would be an exceptional candidate for the cannabis job on the table. 

How do you deal with sudden changes and pivots?

Anyone in the cannabis industry will tell you that sudden changes and shifts always take place in the space. Whether you work at a dispensary, cultivation facility, manufacturing center, or lab, flexibility is imperative. Therefore, it would be best to highlight your cognitive flexibility and capacity to make the proper pivots to thrive in the interview. Bring up an example of a particularly challenging change you had to deal with and break down how you handled the situation and prevailed. If you have a particular method of dealing with sudden changes, especially policy changes, discuss it. You can also describe about how you address change mentally. For example, you can talk about how you evaluate your level of control, assess your thought patterns, and take things one step at a time. 

What do you know about our company?

Now that the Internet is so immersive, you can do plenty of research on the cannabis company offering you a job interview. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dispensary you’ve been to hundreds of times–do the research. First, start on their website to read their ‘About Us’ page, services, and mission statement to get some brief background information on how the business was started and what they specialize in. Additionally, you should go to their social media accounts to observe what they’re posting, how they interact with their clients, and their overall voice. Profile the cannabis company as well as you can with the information that’s out there. Simply reading the job ad isn’t enough anymore. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a budtender role or a store manager position, company research is pivotal to a successful interview. 

How can your skills and prior experience help our cannabis company?

Study the listing for the cannabis job, and take note of the job duties and responsibilities. If you don’t have any professional cannabis experience, list any hard or soft skills that align with the abilities they’re looking for. Once you have a solid list of skills, practice discussing them. Remember to use examples that highlight those particular skills and quantifiable instances of success when possible. Furthermore, you can provide rough ideas of how you can help improve the efficiency of the cannabis company. 

How has cannabis affected your life?

Every member of our cannabis staffing team is passionate about marijuana, which is the case for everyone else in the industry. So, prepare to discuss how cannabis has positively influenced your life. Cannabis relieves stress and anxiety, decreases chronic pain, helps with workout recovery, sparks creativity, and much more. Employers want to see that you’re passionate about cannabis and not just funds, since money can only motivate someone so much. Show the interviewee that you believe in the power of cannabis further by sharing appropriate anecdotes that indicate your fondness. 

What motivates you?

Some may feel this is a probing question, but all the hiring manager wants to do is find out if this position will hold your interest. Additionally, this is also about finding a culture fit. If what motivates you matches how the company takes action to motivate their employees, they’ll take it as a good sign. Describe what energized you in previous positions and what caught your attention on the cannabis job ad. Be honest about what motivates you, so that your enthusiasm is perceptible, and you can project your personal brand

What attracted you to the cannabis industry?

There are a variety of cannabis jobs to fill out there, but no matter which one you’re targeting, you’ll run into this interview question. Out of the common cannabis job interview questions, it may seem the easiest to answer. Mentioning that you’re an avid cannabis consumer and a regular at a local dispensary is a start, but going beyond that is ideal. According to Statista, two of the most common reasons people join the cannabis industry is for the opportunity to create change and exercise the ability to empower others. Take some time to think about this question, and dig deeper than your love of the euphoria marijuana brings. 

Tell me about a time you handled a difficult situation at work.

Choose a challenging situation you’ve dealt with that showcases your cognitive flexibility and innovative nature. Our cannabis staffing team knows that most cannabis employers are looking to see if you’re willing to deal with difficult situations head-on and always ready to learn. Stay calm and confident answering this question and avoid getting into the details you’d cover if you were talking to a friend. Furthermore, spend more time discussing the resolution than the conflict or challenge and prepare for follow-up cannabis interview questions. 

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

In presenting your strengths, avoid reciting a list of adjectives. Choose a few strengths that are relevant to the cannabis position and be prepared to share examples. Make sure to note your customer service skills, especially if you’re going for a cannabis dispensary job, such as a budtender position. Customer service and communication skills are always useful. On the other hand, when you’re asked to discuss weaknesses, the cannabis employer wants to take note of any potential red flags and measure your honesty. Think of something you honestly struggle with but are making a solid effort to improve. In speaking to a variety of cannabis employers, our cannabis staffing team knows that hiring managers appreciate honesty. However, find a weakness to discuss that isn’t a major deterrent. 

Do you have any questions for me?

When it comes to cannabis job interview questions, this is one of the most important to answer. With this question, you have an opportunity to probe deeper and see if this cannabis company is the right fit. Ask about the company, the expectations for the role, the team structure, the managing style, and anything else you’re honestly curious about. Remember, there are plenty of cannabis jobs, so don’t settle for one in a company that isn’t the right fit. You can even target the hiring manager and ask them what they love about the company and what motivates them in their role. Also, you can ask about their cannabis products and company culture.  Have both standard and less common questions prepared to get a better understanding of the organization. 

cannabis job interview sample answers

Sample Answers for 2 of the Most Common Cannabis Interview Questions

Why do you want to work at a cannabis dispensary?

This is a big cannabis dispensary interview question, but with the right preparation, you can nail this one. When answering this question, you have to know your personal why for the specific dispensary you’re interviewing for. What makes you want to be a part of their team? Study their missions statement, company culture, and brand narrative to help you produce an answer that is sincere and shows your excitement to be a part of their cannabis staff. And most importantly, be honest with yourself and know deep down that you want the cannabis job because it aligns with your beliefs, skills, and experience. Here is a sample answer:

“I want to work at your dispensary because it’s not just about selling marijuana, it’s about creating an experience. As a longtime cannabis user, I’ve always dreamed about this time in history where cannabis is shedding its stigma, so there could be a cannabis shop that brings adults the feeling they used to have as kids when they would head to a candy or toy store.

As a budtender, I can share my love and knowledge of cannabis with others, making genuine connections and helping them find peace or happiness through the plant. I’ve held many retail roles successfully in the past, but as a budtender, I would excel even more because of my passion for marijuana. I also constantly have my finger on the pulse of the industry, including the latest trends in innovative products from cannabis-infused drinks to fast-acting nano gummies. And I constantly keep up with the newest strains and research that sheds further light on the benefits of cannabis.”

Why do you want to work in the cannabis industry?

Out of all the cannabis job interview questions, this is one you’ll answer no matter what position you’re going for. Consider why you think working in the cannabis industry aligns with your purpose. Furthermore, relate your answer to your personal brand narrative. Tell the cannabis employer what excites you about the industry, prove why you’re passionate about cannabis, and explain how your skills and experience will help nurture the growing industry. Here is a sample answer:

“Watching the growth of the cannabis industry has been an incredible experience, and I want to be a part of it. I’ve been supporting cannabis and promoting its medical and wellness benefits for years. Working in any other industry would make me feel like I’m not living up to my full potential. I want to use my skills and experience to support the growth of something I believe in, as it gives me purpose. I’ve worked as a cannabis product branding specialist for over a decade, helping some of the food and beverage brands grow and break into the top 10 list in their respective categories. Now, I want the chance to take on the challenge of getting your cannabis brand to the next level of becoming a household name, leading the way for the rest of the industry.”

Cannabis Staffing and Job Search 

We help people start their cannabis careers. Our cannabis staffing firm believes in the magical plant and we want to help those passionate about it find a place in the marijuana industry. Whether you’re looking to work at a dispensary, cultivation facility, manufacturing center, or any other sector, we can help. Tell us what position you’re targeting–from entry-level budtender to VP of cultivation–we’ll support your job search. Furthermore, if you’re looking for cannabis executives, direct-hires, or temporary employees, we can help. You can reach out to our cannabis executive search and staffing firm at

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