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How to Create the Best Cannabis Dispensary Experience

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We may be living in a digital world, but there’s still a place for brick-and-mortar dispensaries. You can’t replace the feeling of holding physical cannabis products in your hands and discussing the intricacies of them with knowledgeable budtenders. No matter what size your dispensary may be, there are ways to make it a place worth the drive. As a team of marijuana enthusiasts, our cannabis staffing agency put together what we think it takes to create the best cannabis dispensary experience. 

It’s more than just hiring the right budtenders–it’s also about ambiance, product presentation, and high-quality service. When your potential customers enter your dispensary, it has to feel like home yet give you the excitement of something novel. Based on clients we’ve visited over the years and research, we’d like to present a few factors that can make a big difference in creating the best cannabis dispensary experience. 

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Knowledgeable Budtenders Help Create the Best Cannabis Dispensary

Your staff of budtenders is the heart of your dispensary. They are the ones interacting with the potential customers, so they need to represent your cannabis brand well. Creating the best cannabis dispensary experience starts with hiring the right budtenders. Not only must they build rapport well, but they also have to be knowledgeable about all of the cannabis products. They have to be friendly, hospitable, and patient, especially for those who are trying cannabis or CBD products for the first time. There are plenty of people looking for cannabis jobs, so be selective to filter out the best for your dispensary. 

Any candidates with customer service experience or experience in similar industries may be a good fit. For example, people who have worked as bartenders and waiters might be perfect candidates. However, they also have to be passionate about cannabis. An ideal budtender should know about the trending cannabis and CBD products, know the various ways of consumption, and be able to answer a variety of cannabis questions. Making recommendations is also an important skill to have. Recommending the right types of products–such as flower, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and topicals–is pivotal to a positive customer experience. And they have to be able to discuss proper dosage based on the customer’s level of cannabis tolerance. 

Eye-Pleasing Interior Cannabis Dispensary Aesthetic

Eye-Pleasing Interior Cannabis Dispensary Aesthetic

Customers aren’t just looking for quality products, they also want an experience. The interior design of your cannabis dispensary should represent your brand well and transport your customers to another world. Your dispensary doesn’t have to be the Willy Wonky Factory of dispensaries. But you have to create a positive, inviting atmosphere. Here are a few elements that will catch a customer’s attention when they arrive: product presentation, staff presence and attire, interior design, and lighting. 

All senses should be catered to for a comforting, pleasant experience. Although your staff should always be ready to help customers, you want to organize your products in a way that’s easy to navigate. You can even create the right playlist to complement your brand and the relaxing atmosphere. Taking it a step further, you can also use color psychology to achieve a particular feel for your cannabis dispensary. Color can affect how people feel and think. For example, the color black is powerful, which is why luxury brands often use it, and the color red can stimulate the body and mind. 

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A Variety of Quality Products is a Must for the Best Cannabis Dispensary Experience

As cannabis sheds its stigma every day, we are moving closer to a world where cannabis prohibition is a thing of the past. With more states legalizing cannabis, more competition will arise. To stay competitive, your cannabis dispensary should have a broad selection of cannabis products. Staying on top of the latest and greatest product releases is pivotal to improve the cannabis dispensary experience your brand provides. 

Not only will you need a variety of products, but you’ll also need to carry the most popular cannabis brands. Create an inventory that includes flower, various edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and topicals. Make sure your dispensary caters to those looking for affordable flower for the weekend as well as customers who are searching for top-shelf resin. It’s also beneficial to do some research to notice customer trends. For example, Marijuana Business Daily released a report that looked at cannabis basket composition to see what cannabis products are usually purchased together. 

Community Involvement from Cannabis Staff

Community Involvement from Your Cannabis Staff

It may not seem like it initially, but giving back to your local cannabis community can help you create the best cannabis dispensary experience. By helping your local community, you’ll strengthen your connection with your audience. A cannabis dispensary that shows they care through action will set themselves apart. And when people know a dispensary is giving back, their in-store and digital experiences will be much more satisfying since they’re supporting an organization that cares. Your customers will appreciate your company doing the right thing, giving them more reason to stay loyal. 

There are several ways you can give back to the cannabis community. Starting fundraisers or making donations to help the fight for racial equality, participating in educational cannabis webinars, and supporting medical cannabis patients with special discounts are a few ways to give back. Your cannabis dispensary may even take it a step further and partner with an organization like The Last Prisoner Project to support the fight for restorative justice and social equality in the cannabis industry. As a cannabis executive, you can even volunteer some of your time to create educational videos for future cannabis entrepreneurs. 

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Customer Empathy from Your Cannabis Staff

Step into your customer’s shoes to take in your cannabis dispensary experience and make the appropriate tweaks. Every touchpoint of your dispensary should be a reflection of your brand’s mission statement. Additionally, your brand’s personality should be evident in everything from the lighting to the décor. Furthermore, your online presence should be an extension of your brick-and-mortar storefront. 

The experience also includes product availability, parking, a feeling of safety, and customer service. Strategize for long lines, stay ahead of ordering the most popular products, hire the right security, and so on. In your cannabis dispensary, everything counts toward the customer’s visit. Empathizing with your target audience will make a significant difference in the quality of your cannabis store experience. 

How Can We Help?

If you need cannabis executive search services, direct hires, or temp employees, we can help your cannabis company. From budtenders to dispensary managers, we have a deep network of talent looking for cannabis jobs to consider. Our team of cannabis recruiters will learn about your dispensary goals so we can make the right match. You can reach us at One of our cannabis recruiters will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss staffing solutions. 

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