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5 Best Cannabis Job Search Strategies for People Struggling

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Searching for a cannabis job, especially during troubling times, can feel like a monumental task. You’re scrambling to find decent job opportunities, entering your information hundreds of times, and researching companies like a private investigator. A cannabis job search can feel like a hopeless endeavor sometimes. However, there are certain strategies you can utilize to make the most of your search for cannabis jobs. 

A report from Leafly stated that, as of January 2021, the cannabis industry has 321,000 full-time employees. Although that’s double the amount from 2019, there are still many people struggling to find jobs in the cannabis industry. Our cannabis staffing agency is determined to help those passionate about the cannabis plant find their place in the space. We’ve put together cannabis job search strategies to help people struggling to land a position in the industry. 

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Spend Your Time Crafting Quality Applications

In your cannabis job search, it’s about quality, not quantity. Target cannabis jobs that you’re interested in and take the time to fill out the applications. Additionally, you’ll want to write thoughtful cover letters that showcase the following: your beliefs, values, experience, knowledge of the company, and passion for cannabis. Not to mention, you want to edit your resume appropriately, highlighting the skills and experience required for the role. Blasting your cover letter and resume to every cannabis company hiring is a poor choice.

According to Zip Job, the ideal range of job applications to send out is 10-15 per week. If you’re only applying to cannabis jobs on business days, that means you’re sending out 2-3 per day, which is manageable. By sending out a few applications a day, you can hone in on positions that interest you at companies you respect and admire. Spend around 2-3 hours per day crafting quality applications for your cannabis job search. Keep in mind that your resume and cover letter could be going through Applicant Tracking Systems. So, you’ll want to incorporate the keywords found on the job description in your cover letter and resume. And by only focusing on a few positions a day, you can take the time to incorporate the keywords naturally. 

Take Action When You Network

Networking is something you should be consistently doing during your cannabis job search and even after you’ve landed a position. Connect with people who work in HR or recruiting, as they have their fingers on the pulse of the industry. Additionally, expand your network to office managers and receptionists who work at the cannabis companies you’re targeting. They can be useful contacts since they are knowledgeable on company needs in terms of skills and experience. 

Making connections with the right people in the cannabis industry is one level of networking. The next level is to take action when you network during your cannabis job search. Ask your contact if they can pass along your résumé, ask about any opportunities they may know about or request a time to discuss their knowledge of the industry. You can also follow up on initial interactions in a variety of ways to keep the contacts fresh. For example, you can pass on trending cannabis articles, inform them about relevant opportunities, or wish them a happy birthday. By taking action when networking, you’ll be setting yourself up for more opportunities for learning about the industry or landing a job. 

Seek Out the Help of People in Addition to Cannabis Job Postings

Looking beyond job postings is a strategy that isn’t implemented by too many job seekers. However, it’s effective, as some job openings aren’t posted. Some companies will utilize headhunters to source quality candidates, including internal job postings that aren’t up for grabs by the public. Seeking out the assistance of people will make your cannabis job search more efficient. 

Additionally, using cannabis recruiters can be very helpful. Cannabis Recruiters are highly knowledgeable about what’s going on in the industry, especially information on openings and needs of cannabis companies. Not to mention, cannabis recruiters can also help you find a cannabis company with the right culture fit. Working for a company with beliefs, values, and structures you feel comfortable aligning with is ideal. And don’t forget to check social media, as people will post job openings on there, too. You can even reach out to the person who posted about the cannabis job opening and set up a time to discuss the position. If you want to take it a step further, offer to do a project for free so you can showcase your skills. 

Develop Your Skills and Cannabis Education

Always spend part of your day developing your skills and learning about the cannabis industry. Remember that you should focus on refining the skills you want to be known for. You can’t learn everything. What do you want to master? Keep that at the top of your mind and do something every day to work toward achieving mastery of that cannabis industry skill set. 

There is plenty of helpful, free cannabis information on the web. For example, Leafly has a Cannabis 101 section on their site with various educational articles, including cooking with cannabis and dosing cannabis edibles. The free information is perfect for those who are doing a cannabis job search for the first time. If you’re looking to level up, try to get certified for a specific segment of the cannabis industry. Green Flower has plenty of courses, including cannabis business, cannabis medicine, and cultivation and processing programs. There are also various free webinars to join so you can keep up with the latest in the cannabis industry. 

Consider Temp Jobs if you Need Work Right Away

Be flexible if you can’t find a full-time cannabis job right away. Perhaps, you need some cannabis experience on your resume. Our cannabis staffing agency recommends that you consider temp jobs. There are plenty of temporary entry-level cannabis jobs, so you can gain experience. All the small gains add up over time, which means the temp cannabis jobs can lead to something bigger and better.

By working various temp jobs in cannabis, you can get a feel for different sectors of the industry. Additionally, you’ll be able to make connections within the industry. You may even hear about new cannabis job opportunities through the connections you make. Also, by working temp jobs, people in the industry can vouch for your skills and experience, which can give you a boost in landing a full-time role. Therefore, you shouldn’t overlook temp opportunities in your cannabis job search. 

Bonus: Don’t Talk Yourself Out of Roles

In your cannabis job search, don’t be intimidated by an opportunity that doesn’t exactly line up with your cannabis resume. Cannabis recruiters and decision-makers look for passionate candidates who are coachable. Sometimes you can impress them with your drive if you’re a little under-qualified. Additionally, an employer may refer you to a more suitable role within their organization. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and willingness to learn within your cover letter and initial phone screening. If you land an interview, then you’ll have a stage to display your passion and drive to learn. Boldness is a memorable trait that goes a long way. 

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